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Profitable Franchise Ideas that Families Will Love

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Every weekend, families head to malls, zoos, and other recreation and amusement establishments to bond and catch up after a tiring week. As long as there are parents looking for fun activities to do with their kids, these establishments will not go out of style. If you’re looking for a great franchise opportunity, such as one that reputable franchising companies like Starlite Family Fun Center can offer, which also lets you spread happiness to kids and families, look no more. Here is a list of the top fun family franchise ideas you should consider:

Skating Rink Franchise

Name one kid who isn’t into skating or at least doesn’t want to try skating. If you manage to find a good ice skating location and if you yourself are a huge fan of skating, you’re golden. Skating rinks have multiple revenue streams. The biggest portion of your revenue will come from admission fees, followed by concessions, skate sales, skate games, and skate rentals. You can also expect some birthday party rentals. Local hockey leagues are also bound to rent your place for a game. Starting a skating rink business often comes with a high price tag, but franchising can make the startup costs more manageable.

Laser Tag

Couple playing laser tagThis is a big hit among kids and adults alike because it’s challenging, fun, and different. The market for laser tag businesses is wide. You can market laser tag to families, companies looking to have fun team buildings, schools that want to organize a fun field trip, and so on. Most of your earnings will come from drop-in customers and monthly members. You can also offer food, beverages, and other extra services like taking and printing photos taken while they’re playing.


These remain to be as appealing today as a place of entertainment because of the variety of fun games to play in one place. However, gone are the days of simple pinball games. Today, arcades offer high-tech games, such as virtual reality shooting games, to keep the digital generation engaged. You can start from a small arcade and slowly expand to a bigger space and offer more games. You should also offer food, drinks, and family pass options and even merchandise products like theme T-shirts.

Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds offer a place where kids can have fun and physical exercise regardless of weather conditions. Parents are becoming more aware of the consequences of sedentary lifestyles for their kids, making the children’s fitness center industry, including indoor playgrounds, more lucrative. According to IBISWorld, a market research firm, the industry had a $414 million total revenue in 2018. One of the biggest things you need to consider when opening an indoor playground is hiring qualified childcare specialists and even teachers who are great with kids. You can also avail of an indoor playground franchise as an add-on to a current business. For example, if you own a gym, adding an indoor playground nearby will make you more attractive for busy parents who want to stay fit while taking care of their kids.

Business opportunities abound in the family entertainment industry, and the industry’s growth is not about to slow down. Think about what franchise would best suit your background, hobbies, and skills. Then work with professional franchise providers to ensure a high chance of success.

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