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The Eight Best Online Gigs for College Students

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With the student debt crisis looking to worsen over the next few years, college students are going to need all the financial help they can get. Start clearing your student debt early by getting a part-time, online job.

With an online gig, your job will work with and for you, not the other way around. Unlike offline jobs, online jobs usually involve very flexible hours so that you can still focus on your classes, clubs, or even Greek life obligations – all while making money to support yourself and pay off your tuition.

Online Tutor

Many people struggle with their studies. Share your knowledge and make a living by being an online tutor. You can teach a variety of people what you know, from fellow college students to high schoolers to elementary school students. With the help of the internet, you can even tutor people from all over the world.

Freelance Writer

More and more companies are searching for sponsored post opportunities. Their social media managers are looking to promote content that builds sales and trust. This is where you come in. As a freelance writer, you will be the one to create the content that these companies are looking for.

Resume Writer

Resumes may seem simple to write, but many people often find it difficult to promote themselves. If you have had success in getting people interested in you based on your resume, you should offer your services to others. This will help other people shine a light on their accomplishments.

Product and App Testing

There are thousands of new products, software, and apps that come out daily. Before launch, however, they have to be tested extensively. Be a part of the process by testing these products, apps, and more.

Social Media Manager

facebook manager

A good social media presence is very important for any company. A social media manager builds online communities for a company, all in the name of brand awareness and engagement.


To be a transcriptionist, you are required to listen to audio files and turn them into text. You need to be extremely accurate and able to pay great attention to detail. If you have a good ear and an even better typing speed, you should try being a transcriptionist.

Online Influencer

If you have a hobby or passion that you want to share, you might want to start a blog, vlog (video blog), or podcast. Alternatively, you can share original content such as art or photos on one of the major social media sites. It may take a while to become popular, but once you’ve achieved that, you’ll be able to sell your services – such as art commissions for artists – and products. You may also make a living through getting sponsorships.

Virtual Recruiter

To be a virtual recruiter, you have to post jobs online and look for potential employees on sites such as LinkedIn. You are the one to decide who would be a great candidate for the company that you’re working for.

More than ever, now is the best time to take on an online job. More and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home since most of these jobs only require a computer and a good internet connection.

If you’re a college student looking to start paying off your tuition, support yourself, or save up money, an online job would be right for you.

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