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An Expert Guide on Choosing the Best Filling Machine

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Packaging is an essential process for most companies. However, choosing the perfect filling machine for your business may not be an easy task especially if you are a first-time buyer. The availability of many filling machines and equipment options may even make it more difficult for you to choose the best machine for your company.

So, here is an expert guide on how to buy the best filling machine for your business

What type of container are you filling?

Considering the type of container you are going to use is a must-do thing when buying a filling machine. Each type of container has a machine that would be most appropriate to use. Determining the physical properties of the containers that you will be using will help you choose the right machine. It is important that you always share information with suppliers about the physical properties of the containers you want to use to know the right machine for your company.

Production capacity or rate

It is always important to focus on the future when buying filling equipment. You should take into consideration both current and future production requirements. Smaller machines can produce fewer bottles or containers per minute compared to larger machines which are faster and can produce more bottles per minute. You need to ensure that the filling machine you buy will sustain your production needs in the future when you decide to expand your company.

Are you dealing with carbonated products?

Of course, carbonated beverages require a specific type of filling technique, and this means that a unique filling machine is required. So if you are dealing with carbonated beverages, then you need to ensure that you get a machine that preserves the carbonation of the liquid.

What to fill

There are different filling machine models, and each model has different specifications and also serves different products. Therefore, you need to consider what is being filled before buying a machine to ensure that it meets your production requirement. You need to consider the viscosity of the products you deal with so as to determine the type of filling technique the machine will use to handle your products.

Filling System-Liquid or Volumetric Level

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It is important to consider the type of filing system before buying a machine. You should choose the best type of liquid filling system between a volumetric or liquid-level machine for your operations. If you find it difficult choosing between the two systems, then you should seek more advice from an expert.


One important question you need to ask is the cost. Which filling machine can you afford? There are different models available in the market today, and you can choose from these options. However, it is essential to review the specifications of the machine you select to ensure it offers you the best services.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a filling machine. However, it is crucial that you seek more information from a filling machine and equipment dealer so you could choose the one that suits your production needs.

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