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What Should You Do When You Meet Your Childhood Hero?

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Each one of us has our own childhood hero or idol. At first, it is usually our parents or older relatives whom we consider the heroes of our childhood. But over time, as we explore the world and meet many other interesting and inspiring people, we find our new idols.

They take the shape of sports icons, movie actors, music artists, or local politicians. These heroes of ours may have made or said something that captured our attention as kids and contributed to what we have become today.

Now, meeting our childhood heroes can be extremely exciting. Our entire lives, we have only seen them on the TV or the internet. Meeting them in person is a different experience altogether. If you do not know how to get close or in touch with your idols, then you could wait for a local organization to book sports autograph signings or something similar in nature.

Stay calm

Trust us when we say that your idols probably do not want you sprinting and screaming towards them and giving them a big hug. While they may appreciate the gesture, it can come off as an invasion of their personal space. You would not want random people doing the same thing to you, right?

Instead of doing the things mentioned above, try to calm yourself first and practice in your head how your interaction will be. Are you going to ask for a photo or an autograph? Do you want a quick chat about their work and accomplishments? Stay calm and plan ahead, so you will not end up ruining your childhood hero’s day.

Be polite

If you are planning to ask for a picture or you are going to strike them up for a chat, be polite about it. You obviously cannot rush and demand certain things from them, especially if they are not comfortable with such requests.

Most of the time, they will be open to a few photos, autographs, and even stop for a nice conversation. If you are lucky, they might remember you the next time you meet because of your nice encounter.

Do not take too much of their time

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Understand that some people may not have the luxury of time. While movie actors and rock stars may have their wallets lined with cash, time might be something they lack.

Those people may constantly have shooting times and tours all over the world. It can be very taxing and tiring for them to do all these things for a living. So, be polite when you finally meet them. Walk up to them and ask for a photo or autograph. If they have enough time, maybe they will entertain you with a quick chat, but other than that, you have to leave them be.

Our heroes and idols are part of the reasons we are who we are today. Some of us may be athletes, musicians, or actors because of routinely watching and listening to our idols. We have everything to thank them. When you do meet your childhood hero, do the right thing and just stay calm and polite.

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