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Top Reasons Sandwich Shops are Successful

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Like hotdogs and French fries, sandwiches are a great part of an average American’s fast-food favorites. In fact, Americans gobble up over 300 million sandwiches every day and there’s even a National Sandwich Day celebrated every November 3. In addition, 47% of all U.S. adults consume at least one or more servings of sandwiches daily.

These figures undoubtedly demonstrate just how much Americans love their sandwiches and why those who buy franchise sandwich shops are making a lot of money.

Before you leave your 9-5 job to become a sandwich maverick, read on to see if this path is truly meant for you. Here are the top reasons sandwich shop franchises are such a huge success:

They’re convenient to eat at, like your usual fast-food restaurant

Sandwich shops are conveniently located near schools, hospitals, transport hubs, and inside malls. They’re also close to many residential communities so customers can grab a bite and go. Aside from sheer proximity, they also offer ready-made sandwiches and sandwiches that can be prepared and served within a few minutes.

This fast-food style convenience is what drives customers to sandwich shops and is one of the main ingredients to their steady rise to popularity and success in the saturated American food industry.

They offer healthy snack alternatives

World-famous sandwich giant Subway is known to constantly put together healthy sandwich iterations in its menu, such as the avocado sandwich. This, plus the fact that Subway employees prepare orders right in front of customers, offer assurance that they’re eating a healthy snack and not junk food.

There are also family-owned sandwich shops that put similar efforts to use fresh ingredients like bread and vegetables. Aside from just sandwiches, these shops also offer salads and other healthy food in their menus, which attract health-conscious customers.

They’re a great gathering place for friends, families, and workmates

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Subway and other sandwich shops have become one of the best places for families and friends to hang out and share stories on how their day went. Office workers also choose these shops as their after-office go-to place to unwind and share good food.

As mentioned, these sandwich shops are conveniently located close to schools and offices. The fact that they’re within walking distance of customers means that they have a steady client base. And this is one huge reason why sandwich shops are ever-popular and successful among American foodies.

They’re open for franchise

One great thing that companies have going for them is the sheer number of franchises across states and even internationally. For example, Subway has more than 40,000 stores globally in over 100 countries, which means that it has franchised to a lot of investors.

So, if you’re planning to plunge into the food industry, getting a franchise is one avenue you should consider. You can simply contact a company that facilitates sandwich store franchising so you can have one in no time, provided, of course, that you meet all the requirements.

It’s no wonder sandwich stores are a huge success story, especially in the U.S. where the sandwich consumption rate is high. You can take inspiration from these reasons to kickstart your own sandwich shop and taste sweet success in the future.

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