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The One Thing You Need to Improve Your Marketing Campaign

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Have you ever heard of an Exabyte? An Exabyte is equal to a quintillion; that is the number one followed by 18 zeroes. Do you know that, on average, we produce 2.5 Exabytes of data a day? How much data we produce yearly is incomprehensible! Most people would say that we have too much data and so little use for it. But, in reality, data is the most useful tool, especially in marketing campaigns. To make all this data useful, you will need the help of professional data management.

A successful marketing campaign has little to do with producing endless content and a lot more to do with data management and analytics. Gathering data optimizes your campaign performance. Data allows you to target and focus on the right audience accurately. You get to understand the different customer demographics, behaviours, and motivations. All this can be used to your advantage and guarantee your campaign’s success. Here’s how:

Efficient budget management 

It’s difficult to maintain your budget when you’re struggling to engage with your audience. By targeting the right audience, you won’t have to spend so much on your campaign. When you can aim your marketing campaign at the correct target market, you won’t have to take out a large chunk of your budget, trying to please everyone only to get little engagement from the wrong audience.

Enhance customer experience

Data can also be used to greatly improve the user’s experience. Let’s say you have a website or a page. By seeing which content or which parts of your website your audience likes to interact with most, you get a better idea of what should be improved. Data is amazing as it allows you to see specific details on user experience. It shows you how long a person stayed on your page, which posts get the most clicks or views, which pages get the most reads, and so much more.

A heat map is what allows you to see these kinds of data. There are several types of heat maps, such as click maps, scroll maps, mouse tracking heat maps, and even eye-tracking heat maps. If you don’t know how to set up a heat map, your data management team can always help set that up for you.

Better content creation

This is also a way for you to know what kind of content to create in the future. By seeing which content in the past got the most interaction, you know what content to create next. You also get to see the trending topics or issues you can use to your advantage. Statistics show that visual content marketing is what works the best nowadays. That means using photos, videos, GIFs, infographics, illustrations, and even memes when creating content.

Some more interesting statistics show that consumers are more likely to purchase products after they’ve watched a video on it. Sixty percent of consumers will spend around two minutes on a video that explains a product they plan on buying. People are also twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content. Maybe this means you should be looking into creating more video content?

Get ahead of the competition 

Using data-driven marketing campaigns can also help you get ahead of your competition. Data doesn’t only show you how well your business is doing. It can also show you how your competition is doing. You will also be able to see how your business is doing against other businesses. This can also let you know if there are things you need to do or stop doing to improve your “ranking” against other businesses.

Knowing which marketing channel to use

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Data can help lead you to where your customers are. When you start to understand your customer demographics and behaviours, you get an idea of which marketing channels you should be using to get the most customer engagement. Marketing channels include your company website, social media platforms, pay-per-click ads, emails, TV or radio commercials, and print ads such as magazines or billboards.

Both digital marketing and traditional marketing have their advantages. Statistics show that an increase in exposure is the most commonly cited advantage of using social media for marketing purposes. Make sure to consider your goals as a company and see which marketing channel is fit for you. It doesn’t have to be one or the other; you could even use both depending on your customer demographic, customer behaviour, and company goals.

A staggering amount of data is being created daily. With the help of data management and analytics, you can use this data to your campaign’s advantage. Throughout this article, several data statistics were provided to show you just how data can be used to your advantage. If you want to have a successful marketing campaign, you should invest in good data management services.

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