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Nostalgia Sells: Go Open a Cookie Business

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There’s nothing more comforting than a jar full of chewy cookies when times get rough. Each bite is a combination of love and warmth in a tangible and delicious form. You can say that it tastes like home.

From childhood, it serves as the treat you get when you visit your grandmother’s house. As a teenager, it is the sinful goodness that makes you forget about dieting. As an adult, it is a reminder of the good old days when life was simple.

Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, traditional or artisanal, breakfast or midnight snack, it will remain a classic staple in everyone’s life. This is why having a cookie business at a time when everyone is willing to shell out money for nostalgia is a great course of action.

Eating one is always an experience, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in a rush or you’re taking your time. Observe yourself. You will notice that there is certain food that you eat out of necessity when you’re battling the rush hour. But a single cookie, even if you’re in haste, is the kind of snack which you’ll unconsciously give your time to understand. From the nuances of its taste to its texture, you’ll take the time to appreciate it wherever you are.

Here are the top cookies that will remind most Americans of their childhood:

  1. Graham Crackers

Who doesn’t remember stuffing their face with s’mores during summer camp? The mixture of gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate is so sinfully good; it can almost make you feel guilty with every bite. Historically, graham crackers were created to curb the sinful cravings. Its creator, Sylvester Graham, considered dietary practices like whole-grain cooking and vegetarianism can stop one’s culinary cravings, which, in return, can keep one’s health at its peak. However, Nabisco saw its potential, so the brand tweaked its ingredients, turning its original bland taste into the honey-tinged cracker you know today.

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie

It’s safe to say that chocolate chip cookie is everyone’s go-to cookie flavor—if you’re not on a diet. For a snack that was invented in 1937- it’s not even a hundred years since then- the cookie already created a mark in American history. Because of the love it’s been getting throughout the decades, it has become a subject of numerous mysteries. Was it invented accidentally? What was the missing ingredient that paved the way to the creation of this cookie? No matter what you believe in, one thing is for certain: it’s an American classic.

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  1. Texas Governor’s Mansion Cowboy Cookie

It’s your chocolate chip oatmeal cookie’s politically-fueled sister. Back in 2000, when the spouses of the presidential hopefuls underwent a cookie contest, Laura Bush submitted the recipe to this, beating Tipper Gore’s version of ginger snaps. This cowboy cookie recipe is filled with pecans, coconut flakes, chocolate, and cinnamon, which make it a complex and filling version of the traditional oatmeal cookies.

  1. Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter was a staple source of protein during the two World Wars. Other than the utilitarian use, this tasty concoction is a reminder of school mornings. For years, people have been associating peanut butter with America. That’s why it’s not surprising that peanut butter cookies are a crowd favorite, especially when thrown with M&Ms!

Now that everyone’s feeling sentimental, nostalgia has become a powerful selling tool. Don’t forget to consider what everybody loves when you’re off to open a business.

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