Advertising Is a Lot More Important Than Most Startups Realize

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Business startups are thriving these days. But while broad economic circumstances might disagree in terms of growth opportunities, plenty of entrepreneurs are utilizing every angle possible to make the most out of what resources are available. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find friends and peers revealing their side hustles and trying their hand at the trials of e-commerce to establish their business idea early in 2022 and ride bullish trends forward.

However, while the motivations are commendable and the entrepreneurial spirit is present, there’s more to business management. You don’t just simply launch a brand, build a team, and stay on the gradual grind to success. Specifically, one of the least appreciated business functions is advertising strategies. Advertising is something that far too many startups undervalue concerning its ability to influence growth and promote success.


In Bad Times, People Will Cut Back on Spending

In good times, people are more than happy to advertise their brands and spread the good word about the latest product development and competitive service quality. However, during bad times, advertising becomes a necessity. You might run the risk of being replaced with a superior substitute. You see, while the impact of advertising may seem negligible in the corporate landscape, these ongoing efforts are what build and sustain customer relationships. And without an established connection with your target consumers, they’re more likely to fold when money is tight. Here’s a quick explainer:

  • Profits Shrink When Customers Forget:

    Firstly, given the rise of inflation and unrest, the value customers attach to certain items, products, and services drastically change, and when customers forget your brand amid the chaos, profits will shrink substantially. That’s why advertising becomes a necessity during bad times because, even if the company suffers losses in the short term, it allows brand awareness to stay afloat and maintains a firm’s relevance. And without effective marketing plans, any spark for growth is extinguished.

  • Staying Power Isn’t Just About Utility:

    Second, regardless of the associated utility of your product and services within its industry, this might not be enough. You might not maintain the appropriate staying power your business needs in the market. Sure, you might have innovative features that triumph over the competition. But when advertising loses traction, your brand image slowly disappears from the public consciousness. As a result, any information that would’ve been connected with your company is then replaced by other firms with an enduring commitment to public relations.

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Kick-starting the Process of Connecting and Influencing

Furthermore, starting an advertising campaign through traditional means and going by the book is no longer enough to kickstart the process of connecting with your customers and influencing target demographics. Today’s marketing context primarily revolves around digital word-of-mouth marketing. This means generating buzz through social media platforms and staying on top of the latest trends are the two most efficient ways of catching on as fast as possible. Here’s why:

  • Generate Buzz through Social Media:

    Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a business startup without a social media presence, and for a good reason. The latest news and the most recent events always hit these platforms first, and not exploiting the buzz around social media is always a waste of opportunity at the very least. As a result, many companies are learning the basics of virality in targeting Gen Z through applications like TikTok and Twitter, highlighting the engagement provided by short-form video content.

  • Stay On Top of the Latest Trends:

    In the same light of generating buzz on social platforms, advertising activities must also stay on top of the latest trends. Staying on top creates the most user interaction and relevance. Any company that feels out of touch with the latest happenings and recent developments in the digital space will always fall out of flavor with target customers. And given this limitation, it’s clear that understanding the trajectory of a market and emerging demand is essential.

Advertising Is One Aspect of the Game

Nevertheless, while advertising does play an important role in promoting sales, brand relevance, and maintaining a strong presence amid trying times, it’s just one aspect of the business management game. Serial entrepreneurs can’t afford to allocate everything into one function because this will cause an imbalance in core operations and lead to further efficiencies.

Plus, constantly making promises and preaching a brand message that you can’t follow never bodes well in the long term.

The most successful startups always learn to adapt to changing market circumstances and demands. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from connecting with an experienced transformational business coach. Just remember to give appropriate oversight to advertising and marketing efforts, and you won’t have anything to worry about when building your brand in 2022.

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