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4 Tips to Prevent Ice and Snow Damage to Your Gutters

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Winter is coming and you know what that means: clogged gutters, icicles, and snow damage. For areas that experience heavy snowfall and very low temperatures during winter, a common problem that homeowners usually face is damage to their rain gutters.

In places like Salt Lake City, the number of houses that get professional rain gutter repair is high. Do you want to prevent this problem from occurring again this year? Here are some ways to do so:

1. Clean your gutters

Before the winter season comes, make it a point to clean your gutters to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated over the past months. If you leave your gutters already clogged with debris, huge ice dams are bound to form and cause disruption in the water flow. Although ice dams cannot be totally eliminated, you can reduce their formation by giving your gutters a good clean before the first freeze.

2. Make sure your roof is well insulated

Ice dams form from the snow that melts on the top of the roof and drips down to the gutters. When left unchecked, these ice dams can be too heavy and break your gutters from their hangers. 

To prevent snow from melting on your roof, ensure that it is adequately insulated. A poorly insulated roof will have indoor heating leaking through, which causes the snow to melt.

ice on the roof and gutter

3. Realign your gutters

If your gutters are not aligned properly, it can mean possible damage to your gutters and the surrounding structures. Gutters that have a steeper slope can cause snow to topple down in a sort of mini-avalanche. On the other hand, gutters that have little to no slope cannot divert any rainfall or snow, which will cause the water to collect at the base of your home. Either way, misalignment can cause damages to your house’s gutters, foundation, landscaping, etc.

If you don’t have much experience with aligning gutters, call in a professional to do it for you. A professional gutter repair service can tell you if your gutters are misaligned and make specific calculations to ensure that they are correctly aligned. 

4. Make inspections

First, check if there are leaks in your gutters by performing a water test. Then, make sure your gutters are attached firmly to the house via the gutter spikes. If you find any gaps between the fascia and the gutter, have them repaired immediately. 

Aside from examining the gutter, check the surrounding area for structural damage. Evidence of staining, rotting, molding, and other water-related damage indicates much-needed repairs. Lastly, check the downspouts and diverters if the water is flowing as it should be. Make sure the water does not accumulate and flows away from the house. Otherwise, have professionals re-divert it properly.

Maintaining your gutters properly is a good way to save money on repairs if the winter’s onslaught happens to damage them. With these tips, you can rest assured that your gutters will hold throughout this winter season. Get help from a professional to ensure that the repair or maintenance work is done right.

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