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What’s Down the Drain: Weird Things People Have Found in the Sewers

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Do you ever wonder if there’s something lurking down your pipes? Or, what goes down in the sewers every time you turn on the faucet or flush the toilet? Hopefully, the things down in your sewers are limited to your natural wastes and food bits because some people actually found strange things in their pipes and sewage system.

A cow

Believe it or not, but some people discovered a cow stuck in one of the sewers of France. The bovine was quite big, which baffled the people who found the poor animal because they couldn’t figure out how it ended up there. Fortunately, they were able to rescue the animal, which suffered only a few bruises.

A snake in the toilet

Now, this piece of information might scare you from using your toilet bowl for at least a month. In 2010, a three-foot snake was found in a toilet bowl of an apartment 19 floors up. People couldn’t believe that a snake was able to crawl up to that floor through a series of pipes.

But, herpetologists say that snakes are capable of slithering through tight spaces and great in holding their breath. So, it’s possible that a corn snake would be able to travel a long stretch of pipelines and end up in your toilet bowl, although herpetologists say that it won’t be a frequent incident.

Still, snakes in your pipes are creepy enough that you might want to buy a pipe cutter to make sure your pipes are snake-free. But, it would be better if you just invest in multi-flaps so that no snakes or any other reptiles could go up your toilet bowl.

man holding a bar of gold

Gold bars

It seems the Japanese are fond of burying gold and other treasures. Back during World War II, it was purported that Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita hid tons of stolen gold in the Philippines, which led many treasure hunters to search the country for it.

It seems that tradition hasn’t ended when a sewage company found several gold bars in a sewer. A sewage treatment facility in the Nagano prefecture found over 1,800 grams of gold in the sludge. The total amount of the discovered gold could amount to 15 million yen.

A fax machine

Perhaps someone in Scotland took drastic measures when he realized that people don’t need fax machines anymore in the 21st century. A water and sewage service provider in Scotland launched a campaign to urge Scots to be more careful with what they flush down their toilets when they found several unusual items blocking up the sewers.

They reported discovering a dead sheep, a 2 x 4 timber, a stolen credit card, a large Winnie the Pooh teddy bear, golf balls, a set of false teeth, and a fax machine in a sewer system. The items were blocking the sewage system and they had to haul all of the items before it flooded a whole street.

So, if you think the sewers and your pipes are mysterious places filled with interesting things, you’re definitely right.

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