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Three Things That Aftermarket Modifications Can Do for Your Car

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Buying a car is a significant financial milestone for most people, and the typical soon-to-be car owner will do plenty of research along with test driving a few models to make sure they get their purchase right. Despite that, many car owners continue to invest in their vehicles with aftermarket modifications, or mods. Even if you’re not a gearhead, these three reasons can make mods a worthwhile consideration.

Improve performance

While the global ubiquity of automobiles certainly requires vehicle manufacturers to conduct extensive testing before releasing their latest models, it also implies that car designers must have the needs of a broad audience in mind when the specifications and performance of the product are being fleshed out. And you may know from personal experience that mass production is both convenient and practical for businesses, but can be less than satisfactory for the discerning consumer.

Mainstream cars can be operated under most conditions, but a simple mod like installing winter tires will make a world of difference in terms of safety, performance and handling if you live in a cold region. Mods can also help push past design constraints which result from a manufacturer targeting the budget range of a specific audience – the family-targeted Commodore sedan, for instance, receives a great performance boost from an exhaust upgrade. Turning to aftermarket solutions can be your way of going beyond what’s in the box, and using that to better serve your individual needs.

Add personalized comfort

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A custom-made piece of clothing is inevitably more expensive than something ready-to-wear; after all, the tailor invests their time – and leverages years of expertise – into taking your measurements, selecting the right fabric, and working with you during fitting sessions. In return, your bespoke clothing will have a perfect fit which takes into consideration the subtle individual differences that off-the-rack garments can’t possibly account for.

In a similar way, aftermarket mods can help you transform your car into a bespoke vehicle which fits you like a glove. Car seats can be adjusted to the driver’s measurements – an option which is particularly useful to those of above-or-below-average height. Custom suspension mounts and seat covers can further increase the comfort of your ride; this in turn helps reduce driver fatigue and the risk of accidents, particularly on a longer trip.

Value for money

A lot of people may hesitate when it comes to making modifications to their cars; for most of us, a car is a major purchase, and after that initial outlay, any further expenses need to be justifiable. For some, there’s also the question of how the mods could affect the value of the vehicle; not every buyer on the pre-owned market will appreciate an elevated lift kit, for example.

The simple truth is that any car – outside of certain vintage or classic models – is an asset which inevitably depreciates in value over time. Measuring return on investment simply becomes a matter of considering intangibles, such as how much increased comfort or convenience you’ll derive over time. The key is to make select mods which don’t restrict your resale market to a narrow audience; smart keys and aftermarket GPS navigation systems are examples of mods which any second-hand owner will certainly appreciate.

Although the saying “your mileage may vary” certainly holds true for aftermarket car modifications, as long as you aim to satisfy practical and personal needs with the right mods, you’ll enjoy a superior experience from a vehicle that’s customized to suit your preferences.

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