Three Investments You Can Make to Boost Your Money-making Opportunities

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic erupted, many people’s finances were thrown out of balance. Some lost their jobs while others closed down their business. Even as the economy slowly starts to regain its momentum, many are still left fearing their future. Some families are already living on their savings. While others are out fishing for their next job, some people are trying to find other investment options to boost their finances.

The good news is, one can make more money by making the right investments. You can consider the following options depending on your needs, budget, and what works best for your current situation.

A Secondhand Car

People are buying cars and are flocking used car dealers during the pandemic. With more people not wanting to take public transport risks, it only makes sense to invest in a used car if your budget permits. But did you know that you can turn your new vehicle to earn more during and after the pandemic?

You can sign up in an app that enables you to use your car to provide certain services. People might not be into ride-sharing services during these times, but there are other ways to use your car to make more money. Instead of driving for random people, you can consider delivering food, using your car to advertise for various companies in the area or to perform different errands for other people.

If you are an expert in certain services, you can even offer them online and drive directly to your customers. Some of these are as follows:

  • Mobile Pet Transport

Many people need simple services like driving their pets to and from the vet. Others need to get their pets from breeders or shelters from far away. When they can’t commit to a certain time of the day, they usually look for reliable people to get their pets for them.

  • Mobile Mechanic Service

Do you know your way around cars? Then why not consider basic auto repair and maintenance services? With the right tools and equipment, you can offer your services to people who need someone to drive to their home and fix their cars for them.

  • Child Pickup Services

Some busy parents don’t require a baby sitter for their kids. But they do need someone who can drive their children around whenever they can’t. If you have a childcare background, you can use this to your advantage and pick up or drop kids off for a fee.

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A Good Computer

If you can use a side hustle or can’t apply to work outside, this is a good opportunity to start earning money online. You can apply for positions depending on your skills. You can also buy a computer in cash or via credit and get a reliable internet connection to start making more money.

Some remote jobs you can try are as follows.

  • Remote Writing Gigs

If you have a passion for writing, you can consider applying for remote writing jobs. You can write content for different clients and businesses. While you are at it, you can also try building your own blog and monetize it once it is ready or write and sell eBooks or courses.

Graphic Designing

  • If you know your way around graphic designing, why put it to waste instead of using to earn some cash? You can do freelance graphic designing tasks, create your own graphic design skills courses, or upload your photos, graphics, and other designs on websites that pay for the due royalties.
  • Virtual Assistant

Do you have experience working on administrative tasks such as managing email accounts, answering and making phone calls, taking minutes, and creating travel arrangements? Then you can offer virtual assistant services to small business owners who have no time to work on such tasks. The more skills you can offer, the better your rate will be.

Real Estate

Just because you can’t afford to buy a house, a commercial building, or even an empty lot, you can no longer venture into real estate investing. There are other ways to invest your money in real estate, even if you can’t afford a down payment.

  • Master Lease

You don’t necessarily need to buy real estate to start renting it out. Why not rent a property and obtain permission from your landlord to sublease the extra units to other people? This way, you can move to a multi-bedroom home and rent out the remaining rooms to other people so you can get money and extra living space.

  • Real Estate Agent

Some real estate investors started as agents. You only need to meet your state’s unique licensing requirements, take a pre-licensing course, and pass the licensing exam. With the resilience of the real estate market despite the pandemic, you can use this to your advantage to start learning the tricks of the trade and earn money in your free time.\

Thanks to today’s technology, one can make money even in the midst of a pandemic. One only needs to make the right investments to start earning money. The more skills you have to offer and the harder you work for your goals, the better your chances of earning more.

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