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The Three Factors of Brand Image

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In the era of social media, brand image is as important as ever. The Internet has enabled anyone to post their critiques. A viral post can make or break a business. Before, a company’s reputation was based on their brick and mortar store and employees. But, online shopping and Internet presence has changed the game. Since most, if not all, of your communication is limited on the Internet, you have to make a good first impression virtually.

Whether you’re selling a product or service, brand image matters. Here are three factors that affect how a business is perceived:


A product’s packaging or container says a lot about a brand. For some businesses, their packaging is so famous that even their shapes or colors are considered synonymous with their brand. One particular example is the Coca-Cola bottle. Even without the red label, you’ll know that it’s Coke because of the unique shape. Another example is are McDonald’s golden arches. A simple yellow M and people will immediately think of Big Macs and Happy Meals.

The key is to find a balance between something unique and practical. You don’t want a container that stands out but can’t protect the product properly. This is especially important if you’re selling online. The item would have to be transported for miles and miles. They’re more susceptible to damage than products bought at physical stores. If you want to make a good impression from the get-go, you can consult a packaging designer.

You also have to make sure that your product’s packaging is consistent with your feeling. Think of how luxury brands package their products. Even at a glimpse, you can notice the difference. They’re typically very simple and seldom use bright colors. They also weigh significantly heavier than their more affordable counterparts. Even before you have your hands on the actual item, you already know that it’s high quality. You can imitate the same effect without spending a lot of money by implementing a similar style. Avoid distracting elements and just use your brand name to mark the packaging. Use tissue paper to extend the feeling of anticipation.


Unlike packaging, slogans aren’t necessary to sell something. But they do play an important role to make a brand memorable. From the most valuable apparel brand to the biggest company in the world, there’s a reason why the most successful businesses have slogans. They create an instant association with the brand’s positive attributes. In an oversaturated market, a good slogan helps a business stand out.

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To create an effective slogan, it has to be short and catchy. Among all makeup brands, Maybelline arguably has the most famous one. It’s a few simple words and it doesn’t have a concrete meaning on its own. But it works because it’s easy to remember and it’s constantly sung in various commercials. When people hear “maybe it’s Maybelline,” they think of long lashes and glossy lips. It’s become so popular that it became a viral meme, which has worked like a free ad. The brand is actually the exception, not the rule. Most slogans don’t mention the name of the company at all. Take KFC for example. Their byword focuses on the products and it’s effective. “It’s finger lickin’ good” instantly reminds people of crispy chicken and delicious sauce. When creating your own slogan, it should evoke cravings or desire. Consider what you want your clients to think of when they consume your products.


Nielsen polled almost 30,000 online consumers from 58 different countries. The study found that most people would rather buy from brands they recognize rather than switch to a different one. Because why take the risk when you can buy from a trusted source? You can establish trust by being familiar and distinct. This is possible through the use of a good logo. The logo is probably the single most important component of brand image. It’s basically a company’s identity embodied in text and colors. It’s how customers recognize your products. This is crucial because consumers buy products according to familiarity.

To create an attention-grabbing logo, learn from the biggest brands. You’ll notice that they keep it simple. They only use a couple of colors, so it’s not too loud or distracting. The font is distinct yet readable. They also don’t use a lot of elements. Logos should send a clear message right from the very first glance. Consider that they’ll be printed in different sizes. It may look great when enlarged but be indistinguishable when reduced in size to fit on labels.

When it comes to starting or operating an online business, the job isn’t limited to creating products. You must also learn how to sell properly. By prioritizing your brand image, you won’t just sell to your client base but also attract new customers.

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