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Is Day Trading Better Than Working the 9 to 5?

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It is common for some adults to still not know what career path to settle on. Some, even at a young age, already know what they want to be in life, while others constantly think of what could’ve been or what could be.

Maybe they have yet to find their passion? Or maybe they lack the experience to get that dream job?

There are various career opportunities out there one might want to look into and decide whether it’s the right one for them. And maybe in the future, these choices may even turn an employee into a boss.


Before deciding on applying for the position you want, you first determine whether you are qualified for that job. Employers are more likely to consider an applicant if their resume says that they have enough experience.

For those who do not have enough, they have to sell themselves to see success. When invited for a job interview, everything must be on point. From the appearance to the way one carries themselves.

And sometimes, no matter how hard you try to convince the employer, they just wouldn’t hire you. Failure only means there is something lacking in you to perform in the workplace. Take a good look at your credentials. Do you have a college degree?

College graduates make around $30,000 more compared to those who only finished high school. So depending on how you look at it, getting a college degree might actually be worth it after all.

But what if going to college is unaffordable? Then developing skills that are high in demand could be taken into account. Trade school can help you out with that. It does not take four years to finish and is more focused on teaching skills such as welding or repairing various equipment.

Take a plumber, for instance, someone who makes $55,000 annually by simply fixing pipes and sanitary hardware. With further training that would propel him to becoming a plumbing contractor, this skilled worker will see a significant increase in his yearly income.

More of a Boss Than an Employee?

It’s hard to criticize people who constantly complain about their job.

For those who don’t find the regular nine to five attractive enough, and just want to be in a position wherein they decide to do things in their own time, perhaps they should try day trading.

This method of making money makes the one doing it the boss. Day trading is basically buying and selling securities within a trading day with the ultimate goal of making a profit.

You sit in front of a computer the whole day watching the market move. The good thing is you decide solely if you want to trade for the day or put it off for tomorrow. Right now, trading cryptocurrencies is something people are really interested in. You can start by simply logging on to a cryptocurrency exchange.


Digital currencies compared to other investment options, such as stocks, are more volatile. This means their price can either tank or surge anytime depending on speculation. This can be an advantage and at the same time a disadvantage for day traders.

Once the price of a coin goes up, you sell it, and when it decreases, you have to wait for it to go back up again. Trading doesn’t just apply to digital currencies, it can also be done with real currencies.

Enter the foreign exchange market. The principle is similar, the only difference is that you trade currencies of different nations against each other to make money.

Engaging in this market requires a sound strategy, a winning mindset, and of course a reliable broker specializing in forex trading that helps you make the right decisions.

But if day trading sounds too taxing, you can always rely on promotions until you get to the top. With enough experience in an industry, you can set up your own business and be the boss.

Success Is Difficult To Achieve

One reason why people are not progressing in life is that they’ve gotten too comfortable. To see success, you need to embrace change. Denying it will only delay whatever you are looking to accomplish.

Doubting yourself and fearing the unknown may do exactly the same. Understand that rejection and failure are inevitable, but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams because you miss every shot you don’t take.

The reality is you have to go the extra mile to see better days. Having an optimistic approach will be of tremendous help as visualizing having already accomplished your goals might just expedite the painful process of success.

But most importantly, you have to love what you’re doing. Whether you’re an employee or a boss, practicing your passion is a feeling unrivaled by any other.

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