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Safety Guidelines for Nighttime Driving

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There is no doubt driving in the dark is more dangerous than when you drive in broad daylight. Driving at night presents new challenges for the driver and requires being extra careful. Driving alone is already risky and requires full attention, so driving in the dark would definitely be more challenging. A study conducted in 2017 revealed that about 40% of collisions and accidents happen at night. Among the main reasons are reduced visibility and insufficient street light, making it difficult for drivers to judge speed and distance. So, for yours and everyone else’s safety, here are some tips that could help you drive responsibly at night:

Keep Your Windows/Windshield Clean

The absence of light in some areas that have reduced streetlights will already challenge your eyesight, so do not add more problems to this to worsen your vision on the road. For example, having a dirty windshield or windows. It is important to always keep your windows clean (apart from the fact that it makes your car look more presentable) because it avoids adding glare and condensation that could blur out your vision.

Let there be (more) Light

There could be areas that are darker than some, so the solution for this is to care more. That means checking your headlights and knowing when and how to use them. Uneven headlights can cause trouble for your eyesight and a distraction to other motorists as well. Make sure you aim your headlights properly – it is advisable to beam them on full at all times. But when you are faced with another motorist, learn to dim them to avoid ‘blinding’ them.

When you travel in darker areas, you could also add more lights to catch the attention of other motorists to avoid collisions – the brighter and easier to spot you, the better. Adding lights to your car’s hood, just beside the headlights, or using LED light bars for trucks or bigger vehicles are good examples.

Always Stay Alert

man in a suit driving a carYou may have heard of this advice multiple times, but it is extremely important that you understand how this could really help you out with your safety, especially when driving. When you drive, it requires a hundred percent of your attention on the road, and being distracted is a big no. This means strictly no usage of phones while driving, no matter how ‘important’ that text message or call may be. Remember that safety always comes first and things could happen in a blink of an eye.

Take Frequent Breaks

If you plan to drive overnight, make sure you have enough rest to endure the long hours of travel. It is advisable that you take a break every two hours so that you would not have to drive sleep-deprived. It would also be helpful if you have a cup of coffee or any refreshment with you to bring back your focus once you start driving again.

Driving during the darker hours poses extremely challenging conditions. Follow these steps to help you gain your focus and stay safe when you decide to drive at night.

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