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Rewarding Your Employees: Simple Merchandise to Reward Your Employees

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Many small businesses struggle to reward their employees because of their low revenue. However, rewarding your employees don’t necessarily mean you have to give them something expensive. Most employees enjoy items they can use at work or even at home.

Employee recognition and reward systems have come a long way since the inception of businesses many hundred years ago. We’ve learned many things about our employees, what they need and want so that they can stay in our companies. However, reward systems have grown ever more complex, with variable pay, bonuses, stock options, and more added to the mix. Nevertheless, experts believe that simple recognition can come a long way in improving employee performance.

Employee Recognition

Before we get into giving your employees items as a form of reward, we have to discuss the power of employee recognition. In essence, employee recognition is a way to uniquely identify your employees as persons with dignity and not just some cog in the machine.

Employee recognition is a powerful tool and one of the main reasons why we have managers in teams. The strength of employee recognition can exist even in the smallest businesses. Ideally, recognition comes with a reward, but a simple ‘good job’ after a hard day’s work can make a difference. But what can employee recognition do for you?

For those new to the business world, employee recognition can make employees happier. Generally, it can bring good vibes all-around, and happier employees are more likely to work harder. Recognition could also make employees stay for much longer in your company. There are many other reasons why you should practice such an act. Some employees find more meaning in being recognized by their boss than any item reward in the world. But item rewards are still a great way to reward employees. Here are some great items you can give to your employees for their hard work.


Let’s be honest here, when being given an item, we want it to be something we can use. Items such as key chains are always good, but they have a minimal purpose in our daily lives. One of the things that employees tend to lack at work is personal mugs.

Mugs are an affordable but important gift, and they can be your main way of rewarding your employees. They are cheap items that can be bought almost anywhere, but because of their importance in the office, they are highly appreciated by employees.

If you want to personalize the mugs, you have to consider a mug-engraving service to do the job for you. They can add names or even titles such as ’employee of the month’ into the mugs you reward your employees with. That extra recognition can make the employee feel truly appreciated inside.


Gift Cards

Gift cards are still on top of the list of items you can reward your employees with. There is a lot of flexibility in gift cards since they can use them to purchase items they want for free. However, the most rewarding gift cards are those that come with an extra message attached to them, telling that particular employee that the hard work they put into your company gets rewarded eventually.

Gym Membership

The employees of the current generation love going to the gym. It’s estimated that 76% of millennials go to the gym, more than previous generations. But gym membership can be quite costly. This is why gym memberships are highly coveted as a form of item reward in many companies nowadays.

You can partner up with a nearby gym, ask them for a discount, or negotiate a reasonable price with them. You can then refer any outstanding employees to the gym. Of course, it depends on how long you’re going to pay for their membership, but one whole month is good enough as a reward.

A Free Day at the Spa

Lastly, what’s better than a free day at the spa? This can easily be one of the best rewards you can give to your employees. A day in the spa is soothing and refreshing, which are traits you want in every reward. This will certainly motivate your employees so your company can reward them.

Here are some great rewards that employees in your small company would love. These rewards are customizable, and you’re free to make your own. Think of things your employees love doing or items they would like to purchase. These can be great but affordable rewards.

However, remember that the most important part is recognizing your employees for their hard work. None of these rewards matter if they can’t see that. So make sure to tell them a few words of appreciation before handing them their reward. That will make a bigger difference than the gift itself.

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