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Proper Snow Management Helps You Save Money

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The cold freezing winters can spell a disaster for your facility as the ice puts your lawns at risk and make your surfaces unsafe. With the help of an expert, you can lower or eliminate these risks.

Winter is coming goes the tagline of an award-winning TV show, sounding an ominous warning of what awaits the people in the seven kingdoms when the temperatures drop. While you won’t be battling monsters during winter, it doesn’t mean that you’ll come off unscathed.

Without proper preparation for the winter, you might run into severe financial headwinds. Gleaning from commercial snow and ice management services, the subzero temperatures can be a sure disaster in waiting. Be sure to retain the services of an expert before it leaves a gaping hole in your wallet.

Avoid Winterkill

The cold freezing temperature of winter can cause severe damage to your lush lawn. Winterkill results in unsightly brown on bare patches on your grounds. The winter weather can be unforgiving, meaning that any lawn, even those with a carefully selected blend of cool-season grasses, are susceptible.

Winterkill patches usually take months to fill in unassisted. Afterward, you might need to resod or reseed the lawn. While you can do little about the weather, you can take preventives measures to give your yard the best chance of surviving the harsh winter. Cool season grasses will withstand the freezing temperatures but only if they are blanketed by snow. Cutting lawns just before winter sets in lowers the chances of them dying from cold desiccation.

Save Loads of Money

Ice on the roofNaturally, you’ll save a boatload of cash when winter passes. While lowering your lawn maintenance needs will reduce your tab, that’s only the icing on the cake. Retaining the services of snow and ice management expert keeps your premises safe.

It means that anyone can access your facility without worrying about slipping on the icy and slippery surfaces. Lowering the slip and fall incidences on your premises saves you a fortune. On average, a snow or ice-related injury claim is likely to set you back an average of $33,000. A worker’s compensation claim, on the other hand, amounts to a painful $48,000.

Avoid Damaging Your Lawn

Most people realize the danger icy surfaces and make every effort to rid their properties of slippery surfaces. While that’s commendable, your choice of de-icing agent might leave you nursing some huge losses. Rock salt, the most common de-icing agent, can extensively damage your turf grass.

The excessive salt deposits translocate to plants, resulting in disfigured foliage and stunted growth. Salt runoff from pavements goes into the ground, increasing the salt levels in the soil and burning the grass. An expert service can help you deice your facility without putting your lawns at risk.

Without proper preparation, the subzero temperatures of winter will wreak havoc on your impressive lawns, leaving them a jumbled mess of brown and bare patches. When the snow clears in spring, you will face the difficult task of restoring your grounds to their previous condition, a task that can set you back several months and leave a gaping hole in your wallet.

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