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Profitable and Practical Pointers for Boosting Your Salon’s Sales

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People will always want to look their best, which is why salons have high chances for success. As tempting as it may be to charge an exorbitant rate for your services to take advantage of these opportunities, this can only do more harm than good as your target market will be deterred by your high price tags. If you’re really concerned about reeling in those profits, then consider offering more reasonably priced services, which is possible with these simple but profitable steps:

Going Green

Don’t just throw stuff away. Those old shampoo bottles can still be refilled and will cost less than if you buy new bottles of the same product. Replace your old incandescent bulbs with the more energy-efficient LED lights. Install water-saving taps and showerheads. Purchase energy-saving machines and equipment. Most importantly, choose green salon products such as herbal anti-dandruff shampoos, organic facials, and eco-friendly nail polish. These upgrades can encourage the more ecologically-aware patrons to try your services out.

Bulk Orders

No matter how cheap the upfront prices are per piece, buying in bulk is a much economical option. Since most suppliers offer discounts for these types of transactions, expect to get more savings while buying more from your favorite dealer. With more reasonably priced wholesale items such as nail polish and hair products, you can now offer discounts on your salon services. Lower prices can then encourage more clients to visit your business, which can also add to your popularity through word of mouth.

Speedy Services

Time is of the essence for most people, especially for those who can spare only a few hours of their busy work week to get their hair styled or their nails done. With this in mind, find ways to expedite your salon processes and services. You can rearrange your floor plans for a smoother workflow or hire hands to accommodate the more popular services of your salon. Just make sure that you won’t be compromising quality over quantity. You may have managed to complete the customer’s request in record time, but your reputation will suffer if it’s not up to par with their expectations.

Freebies and Discounts

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The simplest and most direct yet also the most effective way of luring customers in is through gift certificates, promotional offers, and the like. In fact, these handouts are some of the most sought after items that any business can provide its customers. They can also be handed out to friends and family during special occasions. You can even create contests online and give these away as prizes. Prioritize your best services when coming up with discount offers and gift checks so that you’re sure that your receivers will come back as full-paying and loyal customers in the future.

Almost everyone loves getting pampered. If you’re passionate about offering quality salon services, then know that you have a ready market. Of course, expect a few difficulties along the way, especially while starting out. But be comforted by the fact that most businesses also face these same issues and that many have become successful because of their determination and love for their work. Take note of the suggestions given above and stick to your game plan for your business to eventually gain a larger number of regulars.

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