Personal Protective Equipment: Powered Air-Purifying Respirators

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Are you a manager and looking for personal protective equipment for your employees? Well, there are a variety of respirators that you can get from the market. For example, negative air respirators allow tight fitting on the employee. The downside is that they are not ideal for individuals with facial hair. Hence, do you force your employees to shave their facial hair? There is no need to. Reliable powered air-purifying respirators are a good alternative to use for individuals who have facial hair. That means that you can still protect the health of your employees without forcing them to get rid of their facial hair. More reasons to get these respirators include:

Loose Fittings

Most respirators have a seal around the nose or mouth area. These respirators, though, have seals around the head area. This makes easy for individuals with hair around their cheeks to use the respirators. The seals fit loosely and offer adequate protection from dangerous substances. Individuals with facial hair should use personal protective equipment with loose fittings.


Wearing tight-fitting respirators around the nose area is uncomfortable for a majority of people. The tight seals do not make it any easier as the exhaled heat makes it unbearable. However, powered respirators have an inlet that serves to deliver cool air. Therefore, the wearer will not feel hot when breathing in and out. Minimal breathing resistance increases the comfort of the wearer.

man spraying grass wearing a respiratorMinimal Breaks at Work

The safety department requires that employees with respirators take breaks within their shift. The breaks allow the employee to breathe comfortably without the respirator and minimises fatigue. Breaks lead to decreased productivity and inconsistency in work results. Powered respirators minimise the need for work breaks as there are no chances of experiencing fatigue.


Powered respirators have multiple variations of the headtop. The different variations depend on the type of potential hazard, task, and work environment. Therefore, when you invest in one respirator, you enjoy more benefits. These different options include half hoods, helmets, and face shields. When employees expose themselves to different conditions, all they need to do is switch up the respirator. Therefore, you will be enjoying more service from a single respirator, making the investment worth it.


Powered respirators are made of a tough material that is impenetrable. This means that no harmful substances will get to the employee. Therefore, these respirators can find application in multiple industries. These respirators are long-lasting, and they will serve you for long before you need to get replacements for your employees.

It is your responsibility as an employer to give your employees personal protective equipment at work. When you observe the safety requirements, you protect your employees’ health and meet the industry’s requirements. Powered air-purifying respirators protect the health of your employees without compromising on the comfort of the wearer. With the wide range of products on the market, your requirements will dictate the right equipment to invest in. Personal protective equipment suppliers will further guide you in making your choice.

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