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Modern Office Management Trends for Small Businesses

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Technological advancements and a changing workforce have imposed many changes in office management. To ensure that your office space remains up-to-date and efficient, you need to keep up with the trends that can bring your office operations to the best standards.

For startups, here are office management trends to observe this year:

Implement Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM)

To help utilize your office space in the most efficient manner, you should turn to CAFM software. This technology will help you manage space allocation, improve the planning and maintenance of facilities, and maximize their use.

Proper document filing is one of the crucial steps to ensure that your office is organized, with everything easily accessible. Done the wrong way, document filing could be a time-consuming and tedious task. However, you can make your filing fun and even reduce the amount of time you spend doing so. Having the right filing equipment is the first step to achieve this objective.

With the right equipment, and a few filing tips, you will be able to reduce time spent in filing and use that time for other more important office tasks. There are also fun ways to do this activity, such as rewarding yourself after every filing you accomplish within a time frame.

Similarly, you can give your filing activity a more artistic approach, where you apply different colors for your file folders and use unique fonts or calligraphy to label each folder. Besides adding fun to the activity, it equally instills aesthetic value.

Importantly, you should use a filing system that makes your office duties easier and not harder. Know the documents that should go to the accounting system first, such as receipts and other bills and file them in the “first” file. Similarly, file only what is important and discard the rest.

Consequently, when your filing gets faster and more efficient and organized, it becomes more fun to do!

Apply Activity-Based Working

This trend has been hot in recent years. Unlike the traditional office setup where employees are confined to specific desks and cubes, activity-based working delivers an open concept where you choose a workspace that suits the activity at hand.

Consequently, you can choose a workspace that matches research, collaboration, or social activities. This trend might not suit everyone, but done right, it can improve efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction.

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Policy


This office management trend is also on the rise, as more companies begin to allow their employees to bring their own devices to work. Many businesses are realizing that it will dominate the future, especially with emerging freelancing and remote working trends. While this trend is flexible, it has both benefits and downsides.

Adopting the above practices will not only enhance your operations but also improve the visibility of your brand’s image. Of the most important factors you should improve is the first impression that visitors get when they walk into your office. These trends could help you initiate a sleek way of doing things, separate from the traditional busy and chaotic reception.

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