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Learning the Four Facets of Marketing Communications

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Running a business is all about selling products and services. You may think about selling as a basic activity, but you have to keep in mind that it actually has many different layers. To increase your chances of selling out your products, you need to learn the art of marketing communications. This aspect of marketing refers to the techniques and methods that help you convey your marketing messages effectively. It also deals with profiling your customers so that you will be able to get the right consumer insight. When you have a good insight, you can easily draft a compelling marketing message.

You have to understand that marketing communications are not a single-minded thing. They actually have various aspects and facets that will help you address certain marketing concerns. If you are looking for a comprehensive crash course, you are reading the right guide.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:


Among the most popular forms of marketing communications is advertising. This refers to promotional activities that are designed to reach the mass audience. In this facet, you can use a wide variety of media and platforms. The most used include TV, radio, print, and digital media. But advertising can also come in other forms such as stunts and short films. You can seek the help of an ad agency in Salt Lake City to help you come up with a memorable campaign.

Public Relations

public relations conceptYour image is your currency in the world of business. This is why you need to maintain a good reputation. This is where public relations come in. Several activities fall under public relations, such as building ties with journalists and press networks that will spread good news about you, volunteering, and sponsoring humanitarian projects. All the projects and partnerships that you will create should help project a relatable, venerable, and reliable brand.


This can be integrated into advertising and public relations, but a lot of companies have their separate department and team working on it. Branding activities refer to the protection of your brand from certain usage violations. Those taking care of it make sure that your business’ visual identity, assets, and taglines are properly used and are consistent across different materials.

Direct Marketing and Brand Activations

Direct marketing and brand activations are facets of marketing communications that are geared toward a specific group of customers. Direct marketing includes distributing brochures and mails. Brand activations, on the other hand, include activities such as pop-up shops, publicity stunts, and flash mobs. These techniques are designed to directly send the message to the intended customers.

Marketing your business does not absolutely depend on one technique. There are actually a wide variety of methods that will allow you to tap into different consumer segments. It is just a matter of knowing your target customers well so that you will be able to identify which marketing communication technique will work on them. Finding the right partners and advisors will also help you unlock compelling insights, which will become the core of your marketing communications campaigns.

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