How to Increase Your Business Visibility During the Holidays

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It can be easy to get caught in several things during the holiday season, but neglecting to ramp up your marketing efforts can lead to your brand getting buried in the noise — especially with massive retailers and eCommerce shops taking over. Fortunately, the same marketing channels these enterprises use can be just as efficient for your modest business.

Here are some of the best ways you can increase your business’s visibility this holiday season.

Make Everything ‘Festive’

Besides having Utah expert decorators handle the installation of Christmas lights on your actual store, go beyond that and bring your marketing efforts online to increase your overall health and wellness efficiently. A simple way to do this is by making your online platforms reflect the exciting and festive nature of this season. You can do this by changing your profile and header photos following the festive season, gaining more visibility for your brand.

Provide a Gift Guide

Not everyone can come up with great gift ideas every year. Needless to say, if you’re promoting products this festive season, consider offering a gift guide. If you run a blog, make a post with gift suggestions best for your audience, and include the products or services you’re offering. Doing this can improve customer engagement and increase sales.


Send Holiday Newsletters

Never neglect email marketing campaigns in your marketing efforts when trying to stand out during the festive season, serving as an old faithful marketing arsenal. Holiday-themed newsletters can be especially useful for today’s digitalized world. The best way you can get clicks is by putting “sale” or “discounted” on its subject line. In fact, more than 75% of consumers check their inboxes for these promotions. So, make your email newsletters searchable by adding in sales or discounts in their subject lines, allowing customers to locate your details in their inbox.

Launch a Special Holiday Sale

The festive season provides you with the perfect opportunity to strengthen your marketing efforts more. After all, this is the time of the year when consumers are searching high and low for great deals. So, if you’ve been planning on investing in a huge sales promotion, the holidays are the best time to do it — and do it in a way it will catch people’s attention. A great way to do this is ensuring the theme of your ‘special’ sales campaign is relevant to the holidays you’re targeting.

This way, the campaign can capture the excitement of this festive season, impacting your promotional efforts for the better.

Show Appreciation to Loyal Customers

Staying in touch and being in your customer’s thoughts can be as simple as thanking them for their business or wishing them a happy holiday. After all, consumers love to know when they’re appreciated. If you’re looking to stand out more and entice your existing customers to stick with you this festive season, sending them a thank you card or gifts can go a long way.

The holidays are fast approaching, and like every year, shoppers are gearing up to buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones, making competition fiercer than ever. Stand out among the rest and boost your business’s visibility this festive season with the tips mentioned — increasing sales and retaining regular customers.

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