How to Give Your Cleaning Business a Competitive Edge

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Professional cleaning businesses have gained popularity in recent years because of a continuous increase in demand. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has left people with neither the time nor energy to clean their homes. Offices and commercial establishments like malls, meanwhile, want thorough cleaning regularly, as this helps them maintain a good professional image.

So, for entrepreneurs looking for a new business venture, a cleaning company franchise is a good opportunity. And to help you stay ahead of the competition, make your cleaning business stand out with these steps.

Offer a Wide Range of Services

Customers will ask for various kinds of cleaning services, so you better be prepared for these. A cleaning company franchise will teach you how to handle different cleaning jobs. You will be taught the basics of cleaning houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, ballrooms and so on.

Additional services you can include are rug and carpet cleaning or cleaning water-damaged basements or attics. While customers may not ask for all of these services at the same time, it will be good to have a wide range of options. You can even have fliers printed with your list of services or create a website and Facebook page so that residents and business owners in the area can easily find you.

Use the Best Tools and Equipment

Your franchisor will help you succeed and become known in the market so they will give you the most advanced cleaning tools for the job. Besides industrial vacuum cleaners, you will also need floor polishers, carpet cleaners, window cleaning equipment and more. Since this is already an established company, they only use the best brands with top quality performance.

Keep in mind that you will be cleaning hundreds of rooms or offices each year and you do not want to be buying new machines every so often. Additionally, modern equipment do help make the cleaning job much faster and more efficient. You can get more tasks done and cover more ground in less time.

Pick Hypoallergenic and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

More consumers are now very conscious of how the products they use, including cleaning solutions, affect the environment. Therefore, by going green, your business should focus on not only your cleaning methods but your cleaning solutions as well. Some customers also specify allergies to harsh detergents, including those with very strong odors. In homes where there are pets, you will also encounter requests for getting rid of pet stains on floors and carpets.

It is important to take all of these into consideration. For one, being eco-friendly is a good move for any business. And you will likely get more repeat customers if you give in to small requests like using odorless cleaners.

Hire Excellent Staff

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The members of your cleaning crew are supposed to be invisible. There should not be a trace that they were in the house or office except for a clean, organized, and fresh-smelling space. Your cleaning staff must be trained to respect the privacy of your customers by not prying into their personal lives.

A great customer service is also key to gaining more clients. Staff members who are attentive, diligent and respectful are always rated higher during evaluation. Take the time to train and orient your team before sending them out in the field.

These are just a few tips to help you get your cleaning company get started. Your franchising company will surely share more knowledge and nuggets of wisdom during the many seminars they set up for franchisees.

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