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How to Attract and Keep Exceptional Employees with Innovative Incentives

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Looking to woo and retain exceptional employees? Well, don’t expect highly competent employees who know their self-worth to be swayed by the promise of a higher salary. Rather, spend some time seeking for the hidden reasons and motivations that lead individuals to quit even the most lucrative jobs. These days, top-performing employees are looking to be top performers in their home life as well, and this requires some degree of personal freedom, control, and flexibility. So while your fist instinct is to lure exceptional workers with a high salary, consider offering them benefits that would go a long way towards ensuring balance in their work and home life.

Make Vacation Leaves Compulsory

Majority of workers receive some kind of personal leave as part of the typical benefits package. But many employees still don’t use their vacation leaves, which in turn hurts them and their employers once they suffer from burnout due to stress in the long run. With this in mind, instead of encouraging employees to use their vacation days, require them to do so, and as a benefit, give them corporate incentive trips. As long as they do their jobs, they could take advantage of the paid trips, which would allow them to come to work reenergized and refreshed.

Support Employees’ Fitness Goals

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Rather than giving your employees extra money and telling them to use to further their fitness goals, consider signing them up at a nearby gym and paying for their trainer or creating a gym right in the workplace. An influx of cash would most likely be used for unpaid bills, etc., but directing the money on behalf of their gym rat tendencies would work better. The benefit? A healthy and energized workforce fully prepared to tackle their daily tasks.

Make Your Employees’ Household Chores Your Priority

The Bureau or Labor Statistics state that women do an average of 16 hours a week of household chores, while men spend around 10 hours. These statistics are vital since this means that most of the time that employees spend at home isn’t used for downtime or general enjoyment, but doing chores instead. It’s a great idea to give your employees free housecleaning services instead of increasing their salaries to ensure that they enjoy their days off work, without needing to worry about housework.

Reimburse Your Employees for Date Nights

Most employees with children don’t go out on dates due to related expenses—getting a babysitter, food, entertainment, and drinks. Consider reimbursing your employees for regular date nights so they could better appreciate how you care for their wellbeing and more importantly, how you help them spend quality time with their loved ones.

When it comes to attracting and retaining exception employees, you need to offer innovative benefits aimed at what modern employees really desire, like those mentioned above. Think outside of the box and consider getting your employees’ input so you could build the perfect benefits package that would appeal to them. Doing so would help your business keep top performers, which in turn would positively affect your company’s bottom line.

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