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How a Proper PR Strategy Can Improve Your SEO Campaign

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Many small businesses think that only established brands can benefit from public relations (PR) and that it’s hard to obtain media coverage if you don’t have a sizeable marketing budget. But while your team was busy perfecting your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, your competitors were leveraging the power of both SEO and PR for promoting their business and acquiring free, high quality links simultaneously. This just goes to show that you too can develop your own PR strategy without having to use your marketing funds. But, how can a good PR strategy benefit your SEO campaign?

Media coverage and public relations aren’t just all about news coverage and press releases. They also offer various extra benefits. With a strong PR strategy with the help of a public relations firm in Phoenix, AZ, you can build high-quality backlinks for improving the domain authority of your site, which is a key ranking signal that search engines employ. How does this work exactly?

Basically, every time you send out a press release, well-known publications would also write about your brand and link the write-up to your site. In turn, this would instantly give your site a free backlink. Also, you build your authority and receive brand recognition.

Here are some strategies to help you get started on your PR strategy.

Get Your Business Featured in an Authority Site Through Guest Posting

This is by far the easiest and most effective way to media coverage for free. It would enable you to publish content that features your products or services on top blogs and get backlinks for your site. First, you need to look for a top blog relevant to your target audience to accept your blog post.

If the owner accepts your proposition, you could write your content and mention your business somewhere in it or include a link to your site in your author bio. The blog receives free content that would drive traffic to their site and in turn, you receive a free high-quality backlink to your site.

digital marketing conceptTake Advantage of the Skyscraper Technique

This is a commonly used technique that lots of websites utilize for building links. It involves crafting an in-depth, well-researched resource or guide that you post on your own site and then requesting top publications to link to your content.

Join Highly Regarded PR Platforms

Research PR platforms in your niche and then join them. With this technique, you don’t need to create content for the media because they will be the ones to write articles for and about you.

These days, you have many different tools at your disposal to craft an effective PR campaign, even on a meager budget. Depending on your skills, you can even do it yourself or outsource the work to a professional. Whether your goal is to drive traffic to your site or acquire more high-quality links, supplementing your SEO efforts with a strong PR strategy can help you expand your business and keep you at the top of your game.

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