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Advice for Entrepreneurs: How to Find Your Passion and Build a Business Around It

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They say that passion is that one crucial ingredient in business — it’s what jumpstarts everything and sustains all things. It’s not just a must-have trait for entrepreneurs, however, as it can also be the very inspiration for a business idea.

You’ve heard of those passion-turned-into-business stories, like a kid selling their homemade cookies and eventually growing it as one of the most valuable companies. To some, passion is already something they’ve known for years since their childhood or college years. To others, however, passion isn’t as clear as day yet.

If you’re still in that struggling phase, here are some steps you can take to find your passion and build your business around it:

Know your strengths

The thing you’re skillful at will do a great service for your future market so focus on that. Ask yourself, “What am I good at?” What’s the one thing you could do like a default reflex? Get inputs from friends and colleagues, as well.

Once you’ve identified your strengths, check if there are training programs or classes you can attend so you can better harness such abilities. Your number one enemy here is that little voice in your head that says “you’re not that good enough,” so it’s important to keep learning and prove to that voice that you’re on your way to being a master in your field.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs who really would want to be immersed at what happens in the actual operations in their industry consider being a franchisee, as they’re able to learn a lot and improve their abilities in the training programs provided by franchisors.

Dig deep into your values

Happy entrepreneur on the couchWhat people believe in life compels them to take action — often the brave, risky actions — that could be the catalyst for entrepreneurial endeavor.

For instance, look at the professionals in the senior care industry. If you’d listen to their caregiving stories, you’d find a common denominator: empathy. They care so deeply about patients, that some are compelled to launch their own business, with some considering home care franchise opportunities to further expand the service options for the most vulnerable in their community. Take a lesson from that.

Look into your belief system. What do you feel strongly about? Who do you care about the most? From there, identify a need and go fill up that gap or demand.

Have a vision

Those who dream big are those who win big in business. Think about what you hope to see in the future. A world of driver-less cars? One automotive and energy company is already pursuing that. An easier way of meeting people’s life partners? Dating apps are doing that now.

Your passion will be found in what you envision for the society. Ponder about your vision seriously and don’t be too perfectionist about it. Your vision may sound crazy right now, but driverless cars and dating apps are also when they were first conceived in the great minds of such entrepreneurs. Don’t worry if it’s not too clear to you yet either. Write down your vague concept in a journal and visit it every day. In one way or another, you would find yourself in a eureka moment, knowing what exactly your vision is.

Being passionate is an important trait entrepreneurs should have. At the same time, passion itself can be channeled into the very business worth pouring your heart into. So, what’s your passion?

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