4 Ways to Improve Warehouse Safety This Year

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The logistics and warehousing industries in Australia are expected to get more lucrative. If you’re in the business already or you’re planning to become bigger in the next coming years, here are some ways on how you can make the right investments towards productivity and safety this year.

While there are many investments you can make in the business, it’s important to put safety and productivity in your priority list as these aspects can go a long way in helping improve your business overall.

1. Invest in the right heavy duty, long-term storage solutions

The top 3 warehouse injuries include slips and falls; accidents linked to pulling, reaching, lifting, and pushing; and lastly, forklift injuries and mishandling of materials. This is why it’s important to improve workplace safety.

Invest in the right storage solutions for your goods as well as equipment and tools. Consider getting heavy-duty industrial storage cabinets to keep items and supplies in place. This is especially important if you have hazardous chemicals in your workplace.

2. Invest in additional floor space with cost-efficiency in mind

Based on statistics, about 20,000 workers suffer from forklift injuries each year. What’s more shocking is that 25 per cent of these accidents happen when forklifts turn over. Apart from proper training, limited floor space could also be the reason why many warehouse injuries happen.

It is also one of the top issues businesses with warehouse face. If you think you need additional floor space, don’t immediately decide to add another story to your warehouse or change addresses. Consider adding a mezzanine floor, it’s one of the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way to add increase floor space.

3. Invest in employee training, especially in safety

Based on reports, there were 61 fatal accidents related to forklifts in 2003 alone. In the U.S., reports say an average of 100 people die each year due to forklift accidents. Proper training in handling equipment as well as disaster-prevention and first-aid training is very important in the workplace.

Apart from prevention, having these seminars and training also help improve morale in the company, which, in turn, is good for productivity.

4. Invest in the right lighting solutions

Interior of new large and modern and well-lit warehouse space

Do you know that poor lighting in the workplace affects your people’s work performance due to eye strain? Poor lighting can make people feel lethargic, dizzy, and even nauseous. Good lighting in warehouses is very important, especially if the warehouse feel a bit claustrophobic.

Invest in the right lighting for your warehouse to make employees feel energized, awake, and productive. It can also help lower the risk of accidents in the workplace.

As the logistics and warehouse industries in the country continue to become more productive, invest early in the right aspects so you can be more competitive. Consider these tips if you’re looking for the right investments to make this coming year.

Remember, safety first and productivity will follow. And in business, a company that takes care of its employees will always enjoy a good reputation.

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