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4 Reasons You Need to Use Stainless Steel Press Fittings

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For most trade professionals, it is highly critical that pipe connections are secure. During the past years, mechanical designers, engineers and the like have commonly used the traditional method of installing pipe systems — welding, soldering or complete brazing connections, for example.

However, a better way of installing a more secure pipe system is through modern methods, such as stainless steel press fittings. Yes, the traditional methods will still work, but the latter is often the best solution when it comes to pipe connections.

If you are still iffy about switching to the process, here are the top 4 reasons you need to go for press fittings.

It helps you save time

When using press fittings, connections are made in a fraction of the usual time it would take to solder or weld pipes. Plus, operating press tools don’t require that much skill, unlike the case is with soldering, brazing or welding.

Due to these reasons, press fittings make brilliant labour-saving solutions, most especially when you install large-scale pipe systems. This, in turn, increases efficiency and accuracy as well as reduces the expenses and time spent on your projects.

Connections are more secure

While the proper operation of each press tool might vary by brand, one consistent thing is the strength of the connection with press fittings. You would not have to worry about the durability and service life of your metal parts with this method.

You could achieve connections as strong as the soldered or welded ones, as long as the pipe is correctly prepared based on the instruction from each specific press tool system manufacturer.

You improve job site safety

In any job site, safety and caution are always paramount next to efficiency. It doesn’t only ensure your people don’t incur injuries, you also avoid lawsuits and spending a lot on medical compensation.

With press fittings, you are sure of workplace safety since there is no flame or heat involved in making the connections. It helps reduce the risk of having injuries at work; you ensure your workers go home to their families and are able to provide for them continuously.

They are versatile

Press fittings — carbon, stainless steel or copper — are able to work with virtually any type of pipe system. Thus, these are ideal for practically a lot of applications. You could use them to make car parts, home plumbing fixtures, industrial equipment and so on.

Most importantly, press fittings are easy to repair and you can still connect them even if your pipe system is wet. This makes it ideal for use particularly in industrial and commercial facilities since operations are uninterrupted, should repairs be necessary.

You could still opt for traditional pipe connection methods for your own reasons. But, if you want to enjoy more benefits, including the ones mentioned above, you should really look into steal press fittings. You don’t need that much labour, save time and costs, increase workplace safety, and you could use them in a wide variety of applications.

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