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Guide for New Job-Seekers in the New Normal

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The pandemic has caused a shift in several business sectors, but this doesn’t mean there are no longer new job opportunities in the new normal. While it can certainly be challenging to find a job, there are effective techniques you can use to find yourself a new position in the industry you’re interested in.

Whether you want to be in the marketing, creative, information technology, or financial sector, you can continuously improve how you present yourself to new employers. It’s all about saying yes to opportunities when they present themselves to you and focusing on your strengths. Here are some of the most effective tips for new job-seekers in this new normal:

Work on your portfolio

Your portfolio is the basis of your experience and skills, especially if you’re in the creative industry. If you plan to go after a job such as graphic design, video editing, or writing, your portfolio is the one thing all recruiters and managers will be looking at. Besides your resume, working on your portfolio should be at the top of your priority list. The best thing you can do is find side gigs or focus on personal projects to use for your portfolio. For instance, as a graphic designer, you may want to experiment with different designs or graphics that show off the intricacies of your skills.

It can also be helpful to watch video tutorials on YouTube to make your portfolio stand out among the other applicants. It can be very competitive out there, so you’ll need that edge against all others who will be applying for the same position. A great portfolio clearly demonstrates your strengths and shows the scope of your knowledge for the job.

Focus on your strengths

Focusing on your strengths doesn’t necessarily mean downplaying your weaknesses. In such uncertain times, however, your weaknesses are an opportunity for learning and growth, which your future job opportunities can facilitate. Focusing on your strengths or skills, which you can back up with concrete experience or evidence, will help develop trust with your future employers that you can do the job.

While the new normal has prompted many professionals to shift to different industries, this may not be the time to blindly go into a new sector. Focusing on further developing your current skills provides you with a competitive edge over other applicants.

Build your skills

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Your credentials and skills are everything on your resume, and employers can tell whether you have the necessary qualification it takes for a specific position. It’s vital to upskill in a helpful manner for your career and the industry you want to get yourself into. The job market is only getting more and more competitive, so building your skillset and making sure you continue to grow as a professional promotes upward mobility and more career opportunities in general. Taking a specialized short course or pursuing higher education shows employers that you’re dedicated to bettering your knowledge of the industry you’re in and are open to continuous learning.

Short courses for creative design, copywriting, and digital marketing are just some examples of popular choices during the pandemic. Degrees and even doctorates in software development, information technology, and business are also excellent choices if you want to build up your skills. Upskilling and development aren’t just limited to these fields. CSCS test certification for the construction industry or TOEIC and TOFEL certification for foreign language proficiencies are also growing in popularity.

Online job platforms

With the several job platforms today and social media, you can use this to your advantage in finding jobs. Research suggests that there’s a 71% higher chance of getting hired with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile than those without. Also, more than 55 companies are listed on LinkedIn, and this is just one of the many platforms you can utilize to find more employment opportunities. With the several online tools at our disposal today, it’s significantly decreased the difficulty of finding your preferred job that aligns with your skills and background. In fact, it’s more accessible and manageable to find a job these days than before when we were expected to hand in our resume to a company personally. Now, everything can be done online. So with a click of a button or a simple email, we can apply for the job we want.

As long as you show your qualifications and background as a qualified potential employee, you should successfully land yourself a job and kick start your career in no time. Remember to use online platforms to your advantage, build your portfolio, and continuously strive for further professional development. These lead to better job opportunities that result in long-term employment.

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