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3 Ways to Transport Farm Products

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Have you been thinking about the best means of transporting your farm products to the market when consumers need them? Such a logistical concern merits your full attention, as it could spell the difference between earning money and going bankrupt. Basically, agricultural transportation is a critical determining factor in every farmer’s success. This is probably why there are many farm owners and managers who have been looking for tipper trucks and other means of transporting their farm products such as fruits, flowers, and vegetables, as well as animal products such as milk and wool. Some farmers even look for reputable manufacturers of truck trailers, which can haul their produce.

Fortunately, there are several transportation options when it comes to hauling your farm produce.

Closed vans, tipper trucks

Land travel is easily the most common and most accessible way of transporting goods from the farm to market or processing facility. If your farm needs to haul large quantities or your farm products, you have a lot of great options at hand. Among others, you can go for closed vans and tipper trucks since they can accommodate tons of cargo. There are companies with rental services that you could get, while some others offer tipper trucks for sale.

For some, renting transport vehicles is more economical since they only need to occasionally haul large quantities of farm products. In addition, they don’t have to shoulder the costs of the vehicle’s maintenance, registration, and insurance. But if your specific transport needs require you to continuously move your agricultural products, then you should consider investing in a tipper truck or similar hauling vehicle. This is to save money and ensure that you’ll always have a ready means of delivering your farm products to your target market.



New Zealand has impressive railway facilities that have been transporting millions of tons of agricultural cargoes for many years. One great thing about railway transportation is that traffic jams are never a problem, so you can move your farm products quickly and deliver them on schedule.

Private rail freight companies offer competitively-priced services to businesses that need to transport their goods across different cities and towns. So, if your regular markets are scattered all over New Zealand, consider going for this transport option.

Inter-island cargo ships

Some companies provide the option to transport goods across the country’s north and south regions. The company has dedicated ships for vehicles transporting agricultural products between the country’s islands, which offer convenience and seamless experience in hauling from land to sea and vice-versa. Just be sure to check out their freight timetables to ensure that your delivery vehicles will be at the dock in time for departure.

Transporting your farm products is one of the major logistical hurdles that you need to constantly deal with. Fortunately, these modes of transportation offer flexibility in choosing which ones best suit your particular hauling requirements and budgetary limitations. You must choose wisely, so you can constantly deliver your products on time and in excellent condition.

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