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Peach Cobbler
Barry Moser
Massachusetts, USA

It doesn't get better than pie. Try Barry's aunt's recipe.
Thai Chicken Curry
Jarrett Krosoczka
Boston, USA

Come experience chicken a la Jarrett.
Delectably Delicious Deviled Eggs
Becky Birnholz
Boston, USA

Becky swears this meal is eggtastic.
Boy Designer Special PBJ
Chad Beckerman
New York City, USA

Chad shares years of expertise with this American classic.
Famous Guacamole
Alvina Ling
New York City,USA

This recipe was borrowed from my friend Tamara over five years ago, and I make it for all of my parties.
New Way To Eat Strawberries
Laurie Keller
Michigan, USA

I thought it sounded rather strange but it’s DEEEELICIOUS!