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Brian Cazeneuve
Sports Writer
New York City, New York

Paul and I met with sports writer Brian Cazeneuve at the Sports Illustrated offices at the Time Warner building, where the security men in the lobby did everything short of frisk us. Once we were in, we sat surrounded by views of midtown Manhattan in the posh conference room and chatted about badminton, chocolate, football phones, and swimsuit issues. Mostly though, we talked about the interesting set of circumstances that led Cazeneuve to his position as a respected sport’s writer, journalist, and Olympics authority.

Albert Maysles
Documentary Filmmaker
New York City, New York

Albert Maysles is one of the founders of direct cinema and remains active filming documentaries to this day. His shining legacy includes the following nonfiction films; Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens, LaLee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton, and Salesman. Albert was gracious to speak with The Career Cookbook on two separate occasions due to initial technical difficulties. This gesture speaks eloquently about his character which is nicely reflected in his work and his efforts to spread the truth of documentaries to a new generation. Come learn about his current projects, how he feels about today’s documentaries, and his keys to succeeding in the art-form.
Mo Willems
Children's Book Author/Illustrator/Cartoonist
New York City, New York

Your pal Mo Willems has been successful in many different careers from his Emmy award winning writing on Sesame Street, Caldecott honors as a children’s book author/illustrator, to creating his own animated series on television, Sheep in the Big City. His career has been a true testament of perseverance and trial and error. His colorful artwork allows his characters to say a great deal without talking much or at all, and his youthful energy and clever humor appeals to both children and adults. The Career Cookbook was thrilled to speak with him and listen to his valuable advice. Mo stressed patience, not being afraid to put your ideas out into the world, and most importantly practicing what you do as much as you can. It was wonderful getting a chance to find out more about this funny and imaginative writer.
Robert Sabuda
Paper Engineer/Illustrator/Author
New York City, New York

Pop-up books have always fascinated me maybe even more so because I’ve never quite understood exactly how they work. Fortunately Robert Sabuda, a master paper engineer at the top of his profession, was more than happy to explain the history of the craft and how he designs his intricate books. The Career Cookbook interview details how Robert has been able to find joy, amazing success, and challenges in his work while helping share the secrets of pop-ups. Check out some of his diverse titles including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, America the Beautiful, and Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs. They are a great illustration for us dreamers of where imagination can lead us.
Rebecca Sherman
Literary Agent, Book Publishing
New York City, New York

We’ve all had people that have inspired us and as a result shaped us positively in some way. For Rebecca Sherman her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Barber, was one of these people, encouraging her love of reading. Rebecca ended up majoring in English in college and now uses her finely honed reading skills daily as a literary agent at Writer’s House in New York City. In The Career Cookbook interview Rebecca thoughtfully explains the numerous responsibilities of agents, offers quick tips on finding an agent, and outlines what you need to maintain a successful agent/writer relationship.   
Jeff Chang
Music Journalist/Hip-Hop Activist
Bay Area, California

Jeff Chang’s enlightening book, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, discusses hip-hop as a culture while skillfully tracing the sociology that created the movement throughout its history thus far. Jeff has been a music journalist since the early 90’s, launched a successful independent record label, and is a hip-hop activist. His life has been positively touched by hip-hop and he strives to give back to the community that means so much to him. He is a shining example that you can find purpose and joy in work while following what you love, even if your route is off the beaten path.       
Becky Birnholz
Apparel Designer
Boston, Massachusetts

Becky Birnholz has always been interested in fashion from the prom dresses she worked on while in high school to her college studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. Since college she has focused on sports apparel and is currently employed by Puma. Becky spoke to The Career Cookbook about the importance of internships, learning fashion computer programs, and how Puma keeps its fun-loving attitude as it continues to grow as a company.