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Rob Kaarto
EEG Technologist
New York City, New York

Rob Kaarto is a free spirit and will be the first to tell you that he does not make his work his life. As an EEG Technologist he is able to continue his journey searching for truth in what is real and imagined through his study of brain waves. He has found comfort in his job and the flexibility it allows him to enjoy his other passions in life such as film.
Teodoro Maniaci
New York City, New York

Teodoro Maniaci as my uncle made me believe I could work in the film industry. He has a keen eye as a cinematographer on the independent film scene with The Tao of Steve my favorite film he worked on. I hope one day his dream of helming a Sci-Fi rocker film will become a reality.
Jumana Farouky
Film Critic
London, England

Jumana Farouky does not fit the stereotypical image of the cranky middle-aged largely mustachioed film critic. As a young exuberant female she is helping infuse the ideas of a new generation of critics. Jumana envisioned writing about rock music, but found more comfort and creative expression in writing passionately about films for Time Europe.  

Barry Moser
Western Massachusetts

While going to listen to some children’s authors speak about their new books, a very nice man with a distinct gray beard opened the door to the bookstore for me. When the event began I was amused to see him on the panel of speakers. Afterwards I spoke with Barry Moser about his most recent work, a compilation of inspiring quotes and stories about how we can all make a difference in this world. Far more than an illustrator Barry is a warm and insightful person who has designed and provided beautiful artwork for some of the most timeless stories. In our interview he discusses the reasons behind his choice of artistic medium and describes eloquently the thought process behind his trade. Barry also provides some wonderful advice for those interested in becoming a booksmith.  
Molly Shannon
New York City, New York

Anna and I sat down at a New York City Starbucks with Molly Shannon to discuss her successful six year run on Saturday Night Live and acting career. In hearing Molly’s story of perseverance we learned that you can accomplish your goals if you work hard, keep meeting people, and practice your craft. Read on to find out about her SNL audition process, lessons she’s learned, and upcoming projects you can see her in such as Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.
Bay Area, California and Hawaii

Here at The Career Cookbook we like to highlight individuals who not only have carved out unique career paths for themselves but have done so by being positive, humble, and free thinkers. This nicely describes Yogafrog, a DJ and entrepreneur, whom I met at this year’s DMC Nationals in New York City, where he was judging the scratch competition. We recently spoke about how his love for DJing has shaped his life with the formation of Thud Rumble, his company created with Qbert, and its role in spreading the DJ lifestyle worldwide. In reading the interview you will also receive exclusive insight into the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, what Yogafrog learned from the self help section in his local bookstores, and how you too can be successful by thinking outside the box.
Bay Area, California

Mike and I attended a Z-Trip concert in New York City where his opening DJ was the funky Goldenchyld. Goldenchyld expertly mixed hip-hop together with artists like Bjork and Smashing Pumpkins in his set. Come learn about DJ competitions, why the Bay Area seems to produce so many DJs, and his creative process. You might just find out if his name has anything to do with that 1980’s classic Eddie Murphy movie.