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Kimmy Gatewood
New York City, New York

I reached out to Kimmy Gatewood because I knew she would be honest, entertaining, and provide the inside scoop on the challenges of becoming a comedian. We sat down at a small coffee shop in downtown New York City and she dazzled me with her ability to cram as much as humanly possible into a twenty-four hour period with her various projects from improvising, directing a play, and hosting events.
Andy Joseph

After September 11 needing to add meaning to his life, Andy Joseph changed careers from working in television at ESPN to becoming an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Andy took all his energy and now channels it in assisting others. He is a great example of searching and finding purpose in a job.  

Conor McGowan
Ph.D. Candidate, Wildlife & Fisheries
St. Louis, Missouri

I knew Conor McGowan was once a dedicated Boy Scout, but never imagined his love for the outdoors would lead him to receiving his Ph.D. at the University of Missouri in Wildlife and Fisheries. Conor’s studies have included trips to the Galapagos Islands and Hawaii. With the completion of his Ph.D. he hopes to teach at a college.  

Dave Malkoff
Television Segment Producer
Los Angeles, California

Dave Malkoff is the inspiration of the cult classic student film, Being Dave Malkoff. He started in TV working as a production assistant on Will & Grace and has recently moved up as a segment producer on the reality program, Big Brother. He is a talented comedy writer and I look forward to seeing a sitcom of his in the near future.  

Jennifer Seeker-Conroy
Television News Anchor
Medford, Oregon

Jennifer Seeker-Conroy knew she wanted to work in TV news after shadowing an anchor while in high school. Her interest in television took her from her home state of Wisconsin to the University of Missouri. Upon graduating from Missouri she headed off to Sioux City, Iowa, and interestingly enough found her husband Tim working at a competing station. She is currently living out her dream as an anchor at the KDRV station in Medford, Oregon.
Julie Tristan
Radio Traffic Reporter
St. Louis, Missouri

Julie Tristan studied Broadcast Journalism while attending the University of Missouri. Currently she entertains drivers as a radio traffic reporter in St. Louis, Missouri and hosting functions as an MC. Not only a fantastic communicator and a dynamic person, but word on the street is she has a wicked jump-shot.   

Lillian Parker
Assistant to Writer/Director
New York City, New York

Lillian Parker turned her interest in the films of writer-director Wes Anderson into an internship at his production company, American Empirical, and later a full time job as his second assistant. Lillian is proof that you can make your own destiny happen with hard work, a little luck, and smarts. She is an aspiring screenwriter and a supreme ukulele player. Look out for her second album.