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Jessica Alpert-Goldman
Entrepreneur-Handbag Designer
New York City/New Jersey

At seven Jessica Alpert-Goldman began imagining her own fashion based company. Years later upon graduating from Syracuse University she set off to New York City to fulfill her destiny. Voted one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2004 by CNN, Jess’s quirky handbags can be found all over the fashion and entertainment pages, notable for their blasts of colors and creative design. Come visit World According to Jess and learn more about a highly successful young woman from Canton, Massachusetts, with a can do spirit and a lovely outlook on life.
Ricky Boscarino
Wilds of New Jersey

Ricky Boscarino first garnered attention as a teenager with his elaborate cockroach art. He now runs his own successful business specializing in eclectic jewelry. Luna Parc, Ricky’s home and continuous art project situated in the wilds of New Jersey, provides an insight into the mind of a gifted sculptor.

Paul Scheer
New York City, New York

I first noticed comedian Paul Scheer on a VH1 program called Best Week Ever where he provides clever commentary on popular culture. After seeing him perform improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre I knew I needed to further explore what makes him so endlessly funny. We sat down at a coffee shop in New York City where he spoke openly about comedy, careers, and the gospel according to musician Andrew W.K.

The only thing better than meeting someone you really admire is realizing what a nice person they are. This was the case when I went to see a Jurassic 5 show at B.B. Kings in New York City. Long after the show had finished, while the manager of the club was ushering people out of the venue, members of the band followed fans out continuing to talk with them and sign autographs. The highlight of the evening was getting to talk to DJ Nu-Mark, one of my favorite DJs, and someone whose creativity and skillful beat blending and crafting are a real inspiration. In the interview he very openly discusses his influences, creative process, and how he got started. Nu-Mark also offers some sound advice for aspiring DJs.
James Schamus
Co-President of Film Company/Producer/Writer/Professor
New York City, New York

I was three weeks into my first film job when I got a ride home from a very gracious man named James Schamus. We shared a cab after a party celebrating the tenth anniversary of his groundbreaking production company, Good Machine. I was a bright-eyed intern there, he, the president. Since then James has gone on to become the co-president of "indie" movie powerhouse Focus Features while continuing his work as a wildly successful screenwriter, producer, and professor at Columbia University. His partnership with director Ang Lee has produced such gems as The Ice Storm and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He has been the creative force behind some of the most critically acclaimed and widely seen movies of the last decade. And I...well I'm still bright-eyed.
Marc 7

My lazy Sunday afternoon was instantly re-energized when I was given the great honor of talking to Marc 7, an outstanding musician from one of my favorite hip-hop groups, Jurassic 5. In our conversation I came to better understand how his writing process works, his musical influences, and how a devoted family man keeps connected to his wife and kids when on the road touring. I am eagerly anticipating the new Jurassic 5 album as you should if you like great music that will move your mind and body.
Len Berman
Sports Anchor
New York City, New York

Len Berman first experienced sportscasting at Syracuse University when he dropped by the campus radio station, WAER, and instantly was hooked. His love for sports has sustained him for over forty award winning years. He has spent the last nineteen years at NBC 4 New York, as a sports anchor. He recently released a book entitled Spanning the World, named after his famous monthly sports clips reel. The book discusses his career and thoughts on sports. I have been a longtime fan and it was a great pleasure to get an insight in his life.