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Shepard Fairey
Graphic/Street Artist
Los Angeles, California

Shepard Fairey's career began when he jokingly created a sticker of wrestler Andre the Giant. Shepard also created Barack Obama's iconic posters of Hope, Change, and Progress which were used in his successful presidential campaign. Fairey is an inspiring example of what creativity, perseverance, and good old fashioned hard work can accomplish. Find out how he used his street art to spin off a graphic design career and has been able to love the work he does while still sharing his art for free with communities at large.

Rachael Ray
Cook/TV personality/Cookbook author/ Magazine Editor-in-Chief
New York City, New York

My sister-in-law introduced me to Rachael Ray’s Food Network programs and I instantly became a fan. I enjoyed watching her prepare tasty yet manageable dishes and also traveling the United States looking for quality meals at bargain prices. I found her naturally friendly TV persona translates to real life as well upon meeting her at a store signing and on my visit to her 30 Minute Meals set in New York City. Rachael kindly spoke with The Career Cookbook about how her shows originated, keys to success, favorite foods that mom makes, and what her upcoming talk show and recently released magazine Everyday with Rachael Ray will try to accomplish.
Laurie Keller
Children's Book Author/Illustrator

Laurie Keller began her career as an illustrator for Hallmark. While working on humor cards and cards for children she became interested in the world of children’s books. After her manuscript, The Scrambled States of America, was picked up by a publisher Laurie was well on her way. The Career Cookbook interview shows how you can transfer skills from one job to another, the amazing power of Oreo cookies in Laurie’s creative process, and offers advice on how to break into children’s book publishing. 
Music Producer
Oakland, California

Domino is an incredible music producer with the hip-hop collective Hieroglyphics from Oakland, California. The group's large following was created mainly with extraordinary live shows and can also be attributed to their unique sound which is continuously evolving. In The Career Cookbook interview Domino explains how he creates beats, the importance of listening to all types of music, and what skills you need to succeed as a producer.
Neal Brennan
Television Writer
New York City, New York

I met Neal Brennan interning at New Line Cinema when I was asked to photocopy pictures of men in bear suits for a project he was pitching. I knew right away this was a hilarious individual. I ended up working on the pilot for Chappelle's Show on Comedy Central where Neal is co-writer, sometimes director, and an Executive Producer. He learned how to be funny from his comedian brother, working at clubs, and studying the art-form.
Brandon Judell
Film Critic
New York City

Brandon Judell has been a film critic since the mid 1970’s with his work appearing in newspapers, magazines, and online as one of the very first Internet reviewers. His writing tends to be sarcastic and humorous, but more importantly honest. You can see his current output on and as Cinema Editor of the magazine Arude.
Tim Conroy
Television News Anchor
Medford, Oregon

Tim Conroy anchors and reports for the KDRV television station in Medford, Oregon, along with his wife Jennifer. He has been preparing for this career since he pretended being Peter Jennings as an eight year old boy in Canton, Massachusetts. A dedicated and courteous professional Tim hopes to teach students about journalism when he signs off the air