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Andy Joseph
Paramedic & Fire Fighter

I previously interviewed Andy Joseph about his job as an EMT. Since then he has moved up the ranks to paramedic and is also working as a firefighter. The beauty of his career is he helps people while finding fulfillment in his work.

Rob Dobi
Graphic Designer
New Jersey

Rob Dobi has always loved drawing and majored in Illustration at RISD. A friend introduced him to a band and he ended up designing some tour merchandise for them. After this initial connection he was able to do work for other musicians and a graphic design career unfolded. He has been self employed since 2003 with his company Full Bleed where he makes T-shirts and posters. Rob is a great example of succeeding by taking the chances you are offered and running with them full steam ahead. He’s earning a living on his terms. If you feel unfulfilled in your profession no time is better than now to go find your calling.
Rose Meechan
Interior Designer
New York City, New York

Rose Meechan recently opened her own interior design company. Previously she worked in the fast food and homecare industries. She made a career change in order to pursue her interests. Rose exemplifies seeking out the work that inspires her. Are you inspired? If not go forth and strive.       
Kendo Dolar
Tour Manager
San Francisco, California

I first saw Kendo Dolar on Qbert’s Australia DVD. I thought he was funny and full of life. I met him at the DMC USA Finals and realized that my initial video impression of him was correct. Kendo loves what he does as DJ Qbert’s tour manager and it shows. Find out more about Kendo’s business ventures, his special connection with Qbert, and what you need to succeed as a tour manager.

Bronx, New York

Mike and I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Rahiem, of the seminal hip-hop group Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. He welcomed us into his home and transported us back in time to the beginning of hip-hop, an age before sampling records, of outrageous outfits, and high energy stage shows. His insight as a pioneer of the music is unparalleled and we felt blessed to talk with such an influential yet humble person. Rahiem offers advice on the best preparation for becoming an MC, discusses his upcoming projects, and explains why The Furious Five are no longer fully intact.
DJ Neil Armstrong
New York City, NY

The first time I saw DJ Neil Armstrong live was at the USA DMC Finals. He was the host DJ for the night and mixed for hours skillfully blending original vinyl copies of songs with those that sampled them. Neil seamlessly moved from old to new so cleverly and with such precision that the whole set felt like one song. Afterwards I approached him to say thanks for the wonderful show. He put down his big crate of records and asked me my name. Every time that I have seen him perform or spoken with him I have been reminded of what makes people inspiring. I realized that it’s all about kindness, humility, and giving back to others.

De La Vega
New York City, New York

Right before we started talking De la Vega covered himself with a wooly cap and sunglasses. His anonymity somewhat preserved he opened up to us very honestly with great advice for aspiring artists or anyone who wants to accomplish something people say can't be done. De La Vega is an inspiration to those who refuse to work for someone else, but still want to give something back to the community around them.