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Mary Harron
Film/TV Director/Screenwriter
New York City

Mary Harron is an independent film director whose diverse filmography includes ‘American Psycho’, ‘The Notorious Bettie Page’, and ‘I Shot Andy Warhol’. Her career began in journalism and led her to the burgeoning punk scene, a good training ground for working in independent films. She then transitioned to screenwriting and directing. In The Career Cookbook interview, Mary shares her thoughts on succeeding as a director, what a typical day on the job is like, and the rewards of working in a career that you love.     

Michelle Madhok
New York City

Michelle Madhok’s career experiences at and AOL in the early days of the Internet set the backdrop for her entrepreneurial adventures with the Web. Her desire to take control of her career led Michelle to form her successful Internet company, SheFinds Media. It was established to help busy women satisfy their shopping needs online through sites such as and Michelle sat down with The Career Cookbook to discuss how entrepreneurs can prepare themselves for success, explained ways to earn revenues online, and shared her future plans for her company.


Crystal DiMiceli
Zoo Keeper
Brooklyn, New York

Crystal DiMiceli’s love for animals as a small child resulted in the rescue of a stray cat. Today Crystal’s passion for animals and conservation is fulfilled through her work as a zoo keeper at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, New York. In her interview with The Career Cookbook Crystal shared advice on how to become a zoo keeper, explained what makes zoo animals happy, and described where she sees her career headed.         

Phil Moffa
New York, New York

Phil Moffa is a DJ, producer, and beat maker in the group Vinyl Life, whose debut album of electro hip-hop offers you everything you have been missing in music today. Owner of the Tape Theory record label Phil also teaches at The Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase College and is a regular contributor for DJ Times and Club World Magazine. We at The Career Cookbook were lucky to get the opportunity to speak with someone who loves what he does, shares his knowledge with others, and has become an ambassador for analog music.


Chris Hastings
Web Cartoonist
New York, New York

Chris Hastings fell in love with comics as a child reading Disney’s Uncle Scrooge at the supermarket. His passion for comics would take him to the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he would learn storytelling structure, perfect his drawings of muscley superheroes, and launch his popular webcomic Dr. McNinja. The Career Cookbook was fortunate to sit down with Chris who happily shared his advice for entering the challenging field of cartooning, his thoughts on creating comics, and what he has in store for Dr. McNinja in the future.

Ray Young Chu
Graphic Artist
Denver, Colorado

Ray Young Chu is a member of the art collective The Yummies, whose motto reads “Art and Peanut Butter.” The simple joys expressed in that motto exemplify Ray’s philosophy on life as well as in his work as a graphic artist. The Career Cookbook is happy to share Ray’s thoughts on pursuing life’s passions, marketing oneself as an artist, and graffiti.              
DJ Z-Trip
Los Angeles, California

Z-Trip, one of the most well rounded DJs in the world, instinctively knows how to move a crowd. Ever so willing to give his music and time to others because that interaction and connection with people is what really matters to him. Breaking down the steps he has taken to get where he is today, offering advice on self promotion, discussing the difficulties and rewards of his profession, Z-Trip reminds us that there are still some people making music for all the right reasons.