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Yogafrog - DJ/Producer/CEO/Entrepreneur
Posted: 08/28/2006


What do you do:
DJ, Producer, CEO, Entrepreneur

Where do you work:
Thud Rumble, Bay Area,California, and Hawaii

When did you realize your interest in DJing:
That had to be when I was on the cusp of eleven and twelve. (Laughs) It was junior high school in the Bay Area. In the town of Daly City for some odd reason everyone was DJing during that time, mostly mobile DJing. There were really no competitions back then or that we knew of. The way that there were competitions were little garage battles. I went to my first garage battle when I was in seventh grade. I got totally excited about it, how DJs had so much control over all these eyeballs and the music.

Why be a DJ:
When you’re that young you are trying everything out. Of all the things you could do that are cool you could break-dance, do graffiti, or MC. I tried all those. I was trying to b-boy and I wasn’t that good or I tried to draw but I couldn’t even draw a simple letter or characters. All my friends were DJing…You are doing it because everyone has a passion. You were a team, a crew. You had an endeavor to fight for.

How would you advise others about being entrepreneurs:
The best way to be an entrepreneur is to find a lack. That’s what entrepreneurs do. They look for a lack in the industry. They look for a lack in the world where something needs to be fulfilled… I need to find a new way I can present my stuff differently from everyone else. It’s like Starbucks. He was like, “Oh there’s a lack in expensive coffee for everyone everyday!” You create that sensation of lack. Wow, you are right I need to get my coffee everyday. You know how marketing works. You have to show everyone that they could do better if they had this lack fulfilled. If you were the first person to do that you are pretty much set.