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Rachael Ray - Cook/TV personality/Cookbook author/ Magazine Editor-in-Chief
Posted: 08/28/2006

Rachael Ray

What do you do:
Cook, TV personality, Cookbook author, Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Where do you work:
Food Network, New York City, New York and wherever she is traveling to

When did you realize you wanted to work with food:
I grew up around food and it is such a feel-good thing to share with people.
I think food chose me, rather than the other way around. I got addicted to how good sharing feels. 

Why work in TV:
Objectively, if you like to talk as much as you enjoy any thing else you do, TV is an option. Cooking on TV for myself is physically less grueling, for sure, than restaurant or market work.  Plus, I get to story tell while I work. Fun. 

How would you advise others to be successful in cooking and TV:
Cook for yourself at least two nights a week and set yourself up for success by choosing menus that you can easily envision yourself making, step by step.
Focus on and think more about what you have to share that is unique and how you want to state it, rather than how to get on TV.