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Charles Tuason - Events Coordinator
Posted: 08/28/2006

Charles Tuason

What do you do:
Events Coordinator         

Where do you work:
DMC, New York City, New York

When did you realize your interest in DJing:
Well, I’m a DJ myself and have been DJing for over fifteen years. When I was younger I went to a DMC competition. I think it was ’92 or ’93 where I saw Qbert and the Rock Steady DJs. I saw their routine and thought this is the way for me to go.

Why work at the DMC:
I always wanted to battle. I tried it but I wasn’t really that good. But I wanted to be on the scene. I did some research and a friend hooked it up and I became an intern here. That’s how I started working at this company.

How would you advise others:
For the DMC you have to know your history. I always bring out trivia questions from 1989, 1990. People have no idea who DJ Cheese is or have no clue when Cash Money won DMC, but they know what year IE.Merg broke the record or how many years Craze won the World Championships. If you are going to be in DMC you have to know everything about DMC in and out. You have to know what promoter to pick and what cities are going to be really marketable. That’s my advice for people who’d like to work here. Honestly at DMC it’s not all about seriousness, we want to have fun. We do our work, but we want to have fun as well.