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James Schamus - Co-President of Film Company/Producer/Writer/Professor
Posted: 08/28/2006

James Schamus

What do you do:
Film Producer, Screenwriter, Columbia University Professor, Co-President of Focus Features.

Where do you work:
New York City, Focus Features, Columbia University

When did you realize your interest in films:
By the time I was eighteen I knew that I was pretty much committed to an academic life. I was thinking about graduate school and English Literature and film and a life in that community.

Why movies:
Movies are of course very central to the culture. You start to know as the years go by if you have an affinity for something and if you’re the kind of movie-goer who, when you leave a movie think about what it means and how they made it and why it’s different from other movies. If you notice the details, then you’re somebody who’s probably going to have some kind of affinity for the business.

How would you advise others interested in film:
The fact is the best way to get into the movie business is just to see a lot of movies.  I always watched a lot of movies.