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Ricky Boscarino - Entrepreneur-Sculptor
Posted: 08/28/2006

Ricky Boscarino

What do you do:
Sculptor, who creates jewelry, ceramics, you name it

Where do you work:
Runs own business, Luna Parc, in New Jersey

When did you realize your interest in art:
It was a natural progression being that I come from a family of artists. If I had to choose a point where I made a decision it was senior year in high school. I could have headed into science, but I definitely would have returned to the Arts.

Why Art:
For me it’s everything. There are aspects of my artwork that I do strictly for money such as my jewelry business. I’ve got it down to a science. That’s what supports me, supports Luna Parc… Right now my ceramic work is my passion. It speaks to my scientific side because there is a lot of chemistry involved, it’s like alchemy. You are creating a gem from mud and minerals by manipulating it with incredible heat.

How would you advise others:
There are a lot of talented people who cannot explain or talk about their work. It doesn’t make them less valuable as an artist, but if you can’t present yourself then you better have someone promoting you. Most young people having lofty ideas when they get out of college don’t realize that you have to produce stuff. I’m not a business. I’m an artist. You have to treat your work as a business. It’s not sacrificing or compromising your work by selling it. You need money, that’s a fact of life.