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Tim Conroy - Television News Anchor
Posted: 08/28/2006

Tim Conroy

What do you do:
News Anchor/Reporter

Where do you work:
KDRV, Medford, Oregon

When did you realize you wanted to be in TV news:
I realized I wanted to work in TV when I was very young. I always enjoyed watching the news and have tapes pretending to be Peter Jennings when I was eight years old. 

Why TV News:
I always liked current events and devour newspapers… When I got to high school I was very active in my school's cable station and then kept it going through college.

How would you advise others:
Do an internship to see how you like it before you go to school for it. If you decide to go to school make sure you double-major. Having the journalism degree is good, but having something else makes you more marketable especially if you decide journalism isn't for you.