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Brandon Judell - Film Critic
Posted: 08/28/2006

Brandon Judell

What do you do:
Film Critic

Where do you work:
New York City, indiewire, Arude

When did you realize films were more than entertainment:
I always thought that because I grew up in the Bronx. Parkchester, that’s a very sheltered neighborhood. When I saw films they acted out all different personalities and characters. There is a book out that says we learn everything from film even how to kiss, how to date, etcetera. I remember when I took Michele Goldstein out… It was an awful film starring Dick Van Dyke called Fitzwilly. I yawned and put my arm over her shoulder. Why would you do that? It’s such a stupid thing to do unless you had seen it in about twenty movies. If you don’t have an older brother then you learn everything from films.

Why film criticism:
I took a film course at Herbert H. Lehman College and the teacher said these were the funniest film reviews he’d ever read.

How would you advise others:
If you are in school, start writing immediately for the school papers. Get online there are hundreds of sites. Get clips. The more clips you have the more you are capable of breaking in when a job opens at a magazine or maybe a bigger website. I’d written for indiewire when they started for free and then they started paying me. Don’t be afraid.