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Teodoro Maniaci - Cinematographer
Posted: 08/28/2006

Teodoro Maniaci

What do you do:

Where do you work:
On feature Films, mostly independent, based in New York City

When did you realize your interest in films:
Probably in high school, 2001: A Space Odyssey was a movie I was dying to see. I remember that having an incredible impact on me because that was a movie that dealt with ideas of the universe, humans, computers, and what are we. It coincided with my interest in literature which was also delving into the bigger questions, ideas.

Why cinematography:
At NYU everyone worked on everybody’s films so when you weren’t directing your own film you worked as a crew person on other people’s films. Some people found they liked doing sound, lighting. I always found I liked operating and shooting films for other people so I just started doing that. People trusted me with it. I had some facility for it, some talent. It’s a great thing because as a cinematographer you get to do a lot of the work a director does and enjoy a lot of the creative decision making, thought processes.

How would you advise others:
It’s hard because there are many different paths depending on goals. I went to film school and was shooting things there so when I came out of film school I had a reel. I knew people from film school who were trying to work. There was some structure already in place for me to utilize. Another approach is to try being a PA. (Production Assistant) Figure out what you want to be from there and then getting in the camera department and be a camera PA.