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Neal Brennan - Television Writer
Posted: 08/28/2006

Neal Brennan

What you do:
TV comedy writer (Also Director, Exec Producer)

Where do you work:
Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central ,New York City

When did you notice you liked comedy:
I realized at a very young age, maybe eight or nine that I liked comedy and was funny. I could always make the older kids laugh.  Not so much the kids my age because I was shy and they knew me too well. I remember doing pre-planned bits a few years later to one of my classmates I trusted, telling it in a Richard Lewisy/Seinfeld/David Brenner cadence that was all the rage at the time, probably '83, '84.

Why comedy:
My brother is a comedian, so I started hanging out with him at the Boston Comedy Club in NYC. I liked the environment of comedy clubs, much more than school.

How would you advise others:
I would say go someplace and work there for free, whether it be a comedy club or an improv place like Second City or The Groundlings. Hang out there. You'll meet kindred spirits. If you write something, shoot it yourself. Cameras are cheap. You can edit on a computer. Don't do it for the money. There's no way to write something good if you're doing it for the money.