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Lillian Parker - Assistant to Writer/Director
Posted: 08/28/2006

Lillian Parker

What do you do:
Second Assistant to Wes Anderson, Director-Writer

Where do you work:
American Empirical, New York City

When did you notice you liked movies:
I think I realized I wanted to be a filmmaker around the time when I discovered there was such a thing as a “filmmaker” – someone who writes and directs and fills a movie with a sort of presence -- when I was thirteen or fourteen. I always watched a lot of movies growing up, always loved movies.

Why movies:
My dad directed plays at the local high school when I was in elementary school, so that got me really into the concept of directing. Then I started writing random stuff (poems, weak attempts at novels, plays, etc) and realized that I could fuse the two into this incredible thing called filmmaking!

How would you advise others:
Call anyone you know who might have the slightest link to the industry, find numbers, and look online. Get yourself a Hollywood Creative Directory and just call everyone in there that you care about (but try to sound like you care, not like you’re just going through the phonebook).