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Julie Tristan - Radio Traffic Reporter
Posted: 08/28/2006

Julie Tristan

What do you do:
Radio Traffic Reporter

Where do you work:
St. Louis, Missouri, Stations: KLOU 103.3 (Oldies),
KMJM MAJIC 104.9 (R&B), and KATZ-AM GOSPEL 1600 (Gospel)

When did your aspirations turn towards radio: 
At first they just involved Television.  Now that I am in radio I can definitely see myself working in this industry. I want a job where I can be on air and be myself, use my personality to make people smile.

Why radio:
I love effecting people’s lives in a positive way.  I just do the traffic but I add a fun goofy personality to it and people enjoy listening to the things I say.  It’s nice getting emails from listeners that say, “I turn you on right when I get into my car to hear your joyful voice,” that is rewarding and fulfilling. 

How would you advise others:
Radio is a lot about whom you know. Get to know people. Get an internship, you probably won’t make any money and have to do a lot of crappy jobs but it will pay off in the end.  Don’t burn any bridges. You have to learn to deal with a lot of “different” personalities. Not all of them are good or even nice but as long as you act, as a good person should, you will prevail.