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Jennifer Seeker-Conroy - Television News Anchor
Posted: 08/28/2006

Jennifer Seeker-Conroy

What do you do:
News Anchor

Where do you work:
Medford, Oregon on station KDRV

When did you realize TV News was for you:
It was always something that fascinated me and I first got an up close look when I shadowed a news reporter/anchor while I was in high school.

Why TV news:
It is a fun job over all. Some days can be so exciting like when a large fire is burning close by or The President comes to town. During those times you get such an adrenaline surge. I have done some stories that people have emailed and said touched them in some way or made them donate to a cause or try something new. That is such a great feeling.

How would you advise others:
Then during college I did several internships. That’s really the best way to see what a working newsroom is really like. I recommend interning in a smaller market at least once. That way you can actually get your hands on the equipment and even create something that will run in a newscast. Most larger stations are union shops and you won’t be able to use cameras, editors etc.